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How to Apply Foundation to Asian Skin

Learn how to apply foundation to Asian skin from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So today we're going to talk about how to apply foundation on Asian skin. It's not that different than any other kind of skin. You just want to make it look natural as possible and match your skin tone the best that you can.

What I like to do is use a foundation brush and liquid foundation. I think that gives the most natural finish. If you use a sponge it tends to kind of eat up product, so the brush glides on really well and it just looks like skin, which is the key.

So what I like to do is just dip the brush into the foundation. And I like to start on the cheek and then work your way out, kind of like cat whiskers. Which sounds silly but it works really well.

When you're applying your foundation you just wanna blend. I always say, "Blend until you're bored," because blending is the key to beautiful makeup. Go over the eyelids, go under the eyelids, even if you're going to put concealer on afterwards. A little bit over the lips. Not totally but just along the edge.

And then go back and, as it's drying, keep blending. That way you avoid streak marks from the brush or making it look unnatural. Down on the jawline. I just like to blend it right in. You don't need to put extra product on the jawline. I just like to blend it into the jaw.

So now I'm just moving on to the other side. I typically like foundation that is not matte. Something that's kind of a semi-matt or a satin finish. Again, I just think it looks like skin and I really do believe that the biggest trick to good foundation is making it look like your skin. You want it to look like you're not wearing any makeup. Just like you were born with naturally, flawless skin.

So again, I'm just going over the entire face one last time and making sure that everything is kind of pushed into the skin. So it's not sitting on the skin, it's one with the skin. If that makes any sense. Around the whole perimeter of the face and just make sure it's nice and smooth.

So don't worry about if it looks shiny or if it looks like you don't have enough color in your face. That's totally normal. We're going to add the color back in with all of the other makeup.

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