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How to Use Concealer on Asian Skin

Learn how to use concealer on Asian skin from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So I'm gonna show you guys how to use concealer. The best way to use concealer. Everyone always asks me, "Do I put concealer on before foundation? Do I put foundation on before concealer?" Personally, I like to put the concealer on after foundation for the very reason that you won't move it around. If you put the concealer on first and then you go ahead and put foundation on, it moves on the face and you've just ruined all your work.

So what I like to do is take a concealer and a little synthetic concealer brush and just go ahead and you just, kind of, it's a mix between patting and pushing the concealer into the skin. Concealer is typically a little bit thicker than foundation and so you just need to kind of push it into the skin so that it stays where you need to stay.

And I'm going to tell you guys one of the most amazing tips of all time. This is an eyeshadow brush. It's made with real hair. But it works as an amazing blender for concealer. So I just take this afterwards and I just do kind of little, circular motions back and forth. And what it does is it buffs it right into the skin. It's the most amazing brush to use just to kind of finish your concealer off so that it looks really, really natural and beautiful.

I always say with makeup, "Throw the rules out the window."

The other thing with concealer is it's not just for under your eyes. So wherever you are feeling red, if you're having a cold that day or you're just feeling a little under the weather, maybe your skin is chapped or dry, that's where concealer can go too. So I typically put it around the nose. I put it around the lips. Anywhere that you want just a little bit of extra help, that's where concealer should go. And even along the eyelids. It's a nice eyeshadow primer, actually. Concealer can double as an eyeshadow primer.

And now I'm just going to the other side. Patting the concealer in with the synthetic concealer brush. Getting as close to the lash line as possible. Around the nose where you typically get a little bit of discoloration. Around the lips. And then taking my eyeshadow brush again and buffing it out, so it has a nice, smooth finish.

It might seem like a lot of steps. But, honestly, the key to good makeup is beautiful skin.

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