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How to Apply Bronzer to Asian Skin

Learn how to apply bronzer to Asian skin from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So, I'm going to show you how to apply bronzer to Asian skin. Asian skin tends to have a yellow undertone, so you want to just make sure that your bronzer is on the warmer side. Most bronzers are, but it's something to think about.

So, I take a bronzer; it doesn't matter if there's shimmer in it or it's mat, that's a total person preference. I like to use a more narrow blush brush. I think it gives more control versus the big fluffy brushes that you sometimes see for bronzer.

The trick to bronzer is placement. So I'm going to go ahead and dip a little of the brush into the bronzer, and then start kind of up near the ear, and I just bring it down along the cheekbone like this. You don't want to apply bronzer all over your face, and just make yourself one shade darker; that doesn't really make much sense. You want to sort of sculpt the face and hit the point that the sun would hit if you were sitting out in the sun.

So I go up on the cheek. You think about starting on the ear, and kind of working your way down to your mouth, as that's typically where you want to go. I go a tiny bit on the jaw line, tiny bit on the temples of the forehead, a little bit across the nose, because, you know, we're cheating you being on the beach for the day. And then actually I like to go just a little bit on the eyes and swoop it up to the hairline, just like that.

So a good place to find where you need to put the bronzer is right below the cheekbone. Asians are blessed with amazing cheekbones, so if you take your cheekbone and you go kind of under it, right there, that's a great way to find where you have to put it. So I just kind of carve it right into that cheekbone, right underneath it, and swirl it around.

On the eyelid it doesn't matter if you have a mono eyelid or not; whatever your eye shape is you just kind of want to start up by the brow bone and push it up along the hairline. It just gives more of a natural bronzy look. Again, taking it up on her eyelid, underneath her cheekbone, and really working it in there, on her jaw line, and her chin, and a little bit across the nose, and a little bit on the temple of her forehead.

So by placing the bronzer on her cheekbones, her nose, temple of her forehead, and up here on the lid bleeding into her hairline it creates a really natural sun-kissed look. That's the key with bronzer; you want it to be natural and sun-kissed--not two shades darker than you actually are.

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