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How to Use Highlighter on Asian Skin

Learn how to use highlighter on Asian skin from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So I'm going to show you how to use highlighter today. Highlighter is a great tool to accentuate your features. It can make your cheekbones look higher. It can make your brow bone look more pronounced. It can even make your lips look fuller. There are different kinds of highlighters. There are cream highlighters and powder highlighters. Today I'm going to use a powder highlighter. What I'm going to do is take this small brush and just swirl it in highlighter. Highlighter typically has some shimmer in it. You don't have to have shimmer, but for today we're going to use shimmer. I'm going to go right along her cheekbone, right under her eyes. So if you move just a little bit, it starts to catch the light. That's the beautiful thing about highlighter. You don't have to see it right away, but if you're at dinner with someone or it's nighttime, it gives that kind of candlelight effect.

So as you move your head, you start to catch light, and it's really, really beautiful. Right under her cheekbone. Another place you can do it if you want it actually right above the eyebrow. If you think about it this way, wherever you put highlighter it's going to highlight it, and it's going to make it look like it's coming at you. Anything that is light is going to make the feature protrude out. That's a good way of knowing where you want to put it. Then taking an eyeshadow brush again, I'm going to dip the highlighter in it, and I'm going to go right under her eyebrow.

Asian eyes tend to be sort of flat without a protruding eyebrow. This will actually give that effect, which is really beautiful. Right under her brow bone. And then, these are two fun tricks if you want. I like to go right down the center of the nose. What that does is it creates just more of a natural look. We've put the powder on. We've put the foundation on. It can tend to be kind of flat. The highlighter makes it looks more natural. And then the last fun place to do is actually on the bow of the lip. So I'm taking just a small brush. You could use a Q-tip. You could even use your pinky finger if you wanted to. And I'm going to go right on the bow of her lip and also right underneath. And what that does is actually makes her lips look just a little bit bigger, even though she already has beautiful, full lips.

So highlighter is just a great tool to make your skin look more natural, more glowing, kind of like that candlelight effect if you're at a romantic dinner. So on the cheekbones, on the brow bone, above the eyebrow, down the nose, and my favorite, right on the bow of the lip. It's sure to be a winner, and you're going to absolutely love it.

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