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How to Use False Eyelashes

Learn about using false eyelashes from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast Asian makeup tutorial.


So I'm going to show you how to use false lashes. Using false lashes is a great way to accentuate your eyes, and make your lashes look longer. Which, sometimes with Asian eyes, and Asian eyelashes, they're a little bit short. So there are a million eyelashes out there. There are thick ones, and thin ones, and more natural ones, and really dramatic ones. The best thing to do is pick a lash you think looks good. I'm using Mack right now. And then what you want to do, you can, actually you might not be able to do this in the store, but you can buy a few if you want to try them out. You can just actually put it on your lid, and then sort of look in the mirror. And you can get, you can kind of cheat. It's as similar as holding something up in a store, and figuring out if you think it looks good on you.

So what I'm going to do is take a little bit of lash glue, then I grab the lash right in the middle with a pair of tweezers, and I just drag it through the glue. You want to make sure to get the entire band covered in glue. Especially the ends, because they tend to come off sometimes, if they're not fully covered in glue. Then what you want to do, is kind of gaze down, and if you're doing this at home, instead of gazing down, tip your head back, and then look down at yourself in the mirror. And then that way you can see everything. You want to put the middle on first. You get the placement correct. And then go ahead and tuck each end, and then let go. The trick is letting go as fast as you can. If you kind of hold it there, you can lose your way. And I go back, and I kind of mush it around. Because right now the glue is already starting to dry. So as it's drying, you want to keep pushing it into place. You can do that with the tweezer, or sometimes I go back in with my fingertip, and I just kind of push it in there. It's really important to have some sort of eyeliner on before, so that the false lash has a place to go, and can kind of get hidden. In case you make some mistakes.

Moving on to the other eye, I'm going to take the eyelash with tweezers, and just drag it through the glue. Again, getting the entire band covered, especially on the ends. Holding my tweezer right in the middle, gazing down, and gently placing it right on the lid. Don't worry if you see the glue. The glue actually dries clear. So here's a full band of lashes. It's actually easier to do than you might think. And it's the best way to make your makeup something really, really fun.

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