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How to Use Brown Smokey Eye Makeup for Asians

Learn about using brown smokey eye makeup for Asian eyes from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


Right now we're going to do a brown, sultry, smoky eye using just two colors. It's really super easy. This is more geared towards a monolid or a hooded eye. So, I will walk you through it, and you can see the best way to do it for yourself at home.

I'm going to go ahead and dip my brush into a brown shimmery shadow. You don't have to use shimmer. You can if you want. But, since we're going for sultry, that's what I'm choosing. I'm just going to pack that color on starting at the lash line. I want it to blend upward. So, pack it on. Then I go ahead and I blend it.

So, by starting at the base of the lash line and sort of blending up it gives her eyes a nice, dramatic, sultry effect, kind of like a monotone which I just love. And it's so easy to do at home. Then, dipping my eye shadow in something that's more champagny and pink I'm just going to go right up under the brow bone, and then bring back the brown so the two colors kind of blend together. I'm taking the brown underneath. I'm going to run it right underneath and connect it out here. You can continue the shadow out on the outer corner of your eye to create an even more sultry, more dramatic effect. And your eyes will look bigger. Then moving on to your other eye.

Now I'm going to take the blender brush and just blend the edges. You've got to make sure to blend the edges so you can't tell where one color stops and the other color starts. If you need to clean up with a Q-tip you can. Just dip it in a little bit of eye makeup remover. Then you can create a nice, clean finish afterwards.

Here's a really basic, easy, sultry brown eye. The thing that makes it sultry is using lots of fun, shimmery colors so that it doesn't have to be too smoky but you still get the impact of the colors. Perfectly easy to try at home. It's only two colors. Give it a whirl.

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