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Taupe & Purple Makeup for Asian Eyes

Learn about using taupe and purple makeup for Asian eyes from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So, I'm going to do a color combination that I think is just beautiful and Asian-ized. It's going to be using a tone of purple and a tone of taupe. So first I'm going to dip my brush in just sort of a shimmery lavender-purple. I'm going to just put it right on the inner corner of her eye. I think it's fun to pick your favorite fun color and put it on that inside part of the eye because then when you open your eye it's just popping out without it looking so overbearing.

Next, I'm going to take a taupe color. You can use the same brush, just flip it over so you're using the other side and go ahead and place that taupe on right next to it. Then, taking some sort of blender brush, blend the two together. Remember, you always want to deposit the color with one brush, and then blend with a totally different brush.

That's it. I mean, just taking these two colors, blending them together on the eyelid. If you want to put a little eyeliner on, you can, and then I suggest putting sort of a blue-based pink on your lips and your cheeks so that it kind of matches those purple-y, taupe-y colors. But this is the simplest way to make a natural look have a little bit of punch in some fun colors.

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