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How to Do a Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye for Asians

Learn how to do a Kim Kardashian smokey eye from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast Asian makeup tutorial.


So I'm going to do for you a Kim Kardashian smoky eye. She already has her gel liner and lashes on. You don't have to start that way if you don't want to, but you're welcome to. There's no rules as far as which order you put your make-up on. But now we set the stage for a perfectly easy smoky eye. So I'm going to dip a short stubby brush into a dark brown shadow and I'm going to press the eye shadow right along her lashes. Just like this, so it joins the already black liner that I already have on there.

When you press the color into the eye, you get a lot more pay-off, a lot more pigment on your eyelid. So first I just press it into place exactly where I want it to be. And I can create any shape I want to with the short brush.

Then you want to go back with the longer brush, where the bristles are just a little bit longer, and you just want to blend. And then I go back again and I push it into the lash again.

When you do a smoky eye, a lot of it is about layering, so it takes a lot of back and forth. You always want to apply with one brush and blend with another. That is the most important thing I can say about this look. Apply with one brush, and blend with another.

So again, I'm going to blend. I'm just taking the tip of my brush and I'm lightly just shimming it across the edges of the eyeshadow, so that it looks like it's seamless. It looks like one color just blends right into the next.

So with Asian eyes, what you want to do is open up your eye and look at yourself in the mirror, and that in way you can see, if your eye is hooded, you can see how far up you need to take the eye shadow in order for you to see it when your eyes are open.

The best thing to do is open your eyes when you're looking in the mirror and just blend it right along this crease line right here. So smoky eyes are smoky all the way around. So I like to take this short brush again, dip it into the same brown color, and then look up, and just tickle it right along the bottom lashes. This can be nice and thick and sultry. You can make it messy if you want. It's OK. That's the beauty of the smoky eye.

Then what I like to do is take a mid-tone brown, something lighter, with your blending brush, and then just blend that right into the edge. That's graduating from dark to light.

Now if you don't want to use dark brown, that's OK. Kim Kardashian often does deep blues or deep grays, slate colors. Anything will work. The lovely thing about a smoky eye is it gives you the excuse to practice all different fun colors. It doesn't matter what your nationality is.

You make any mistakes, Q-tips are your best friend. You can just dip it in a little bit of make-up remover or foundation and just clean up under the eye.

So now that the shadow's in place, you want to take a black eyeliner, like a coal liner. This one's by MAC. And you want to run it inside the waterlines. So using the side of the pencil, just run it along the entire waterline, which is actually the inside of your eye. Just gently pull down your eye and go ahead and apply that liner. This is what's going to make that sultry look go into something that's really smoky.

So, this is a really easy Kim Kardashian smoky eye. I just used two colors. You want to make the shadow go all around the entire eye, and then, of course, line with a coal black liner inside the waterline, and you have something really, really fun and sexy.

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