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3 Eyebrow Tips for Asians

Learn three eyebrow tips from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast Asian makeup tutorial.


Here are some tips for Asian eyebrows. Asian eyebrows tend to be a little shorter, and the hairs are very fine. They kind of go in different directions, and they're a little sparse. What I like to do, is take a brow gel and comb the brows into place. Then you can either take an eyebrow pencil, or you can take a slanted eyebrow brush and dip it into a shadow that matches. Just sketch the eyebrows ever so slightly, so that the shape of the eyebrow starts to take form.

You can extend it a little bit on the end, go back to the middle, and then just with small little scoops, just brush your eyebrow into the shape that you want. You want to make sure that it's very natural, so you don't look like a totally different person when you're done, but you'll be surprised how much it frames the rest of your face and you can start the makeup look.

Another tip you can do, is create dimension with the hair that you have. So, maybe you can use an eye shadow powder onto your eyebrows, then you can take a gel that's a different color, a different shade of brown, and mix it in. That way, you've got different dimensions of colors working together, so it looks like real hair and not just one color.

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