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7 Asian Eye Makeup Tips

Learn seven Asian eye makeup tips from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


With Asian eye shape, you tend to either have a mono lid, or sort of a double lid with a bit of a hood. Sometimes you don't have a natural crease, so you have to create a crease. So, there are a couple of things you can do. You can either do an all over color and then sort of draw a crease in, just with a little bit of eye shadow, so it creates the illusion that you have more of a crease than you actually do. The other thing you can do is do a gradiation of color. Start out really dark along the lash line, a medium tone in the middle, and then a highlighter color on top. Those are two ways to kind of trick the eye shadow colors to work with your eye shape. For eyeliner, what I like to do on the top is I like to use a gel liner. Again, because Asian lids tend to be more hooded, a gel eyeliner or a liquid liner has great staying power. They're waterproof and sweat proof, so when you blink, the eyeliner isn't going to go back up on your eyelid and go all over the place. Plus they stay all day long, which is fantastic. On the bottom, you can use a liquid liner or a gel liner if you want, but sometimes that's a little harsh. So, I will take a slanted brush, and I will just very gently tickle back and forth at the bottom, so that it looks really natural, and just rounds the eye out. For eyelashes, since Asian eyelashes tend to be very short and very straight, you want to curl your eyelashes. Take the eyelash curler, put it at the base of your lash, squeeze for a good three to five seconds, and then release. After that, go ahead and apply your mascara. If your eyelids tend to be oily, you might want to think about a water resistant or a waterproof mascara, just to make sure you have staying power. By using these tricks, these are really nice ways to work with Asian eye shape, but will still give you a lot of variation in all the products that you use.

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