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7 Asian Clubbing Makeup Tips

Learn seven Asian clubbing makeup tips from celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


Asian clubbing makeup is a really fun excuse to go all out with your makeup. So you want to take a black and put it all over your lid, and underneath your eyelash, and take a nice coal black and really coat the entire inner rim of your eye.

Put some false lashes on. Maybe take some sheer loose shimmer and pat it on the lid afterwards. But really, more is more when it comes to this. Then, in contrast, make your lips a really sexy nude color, anything to just make it look the opposite of your eyes, so it looks even sexier and more dramatic.

When you're doing your Asian clubbing makeup, I think it is important to make sure that your skin is in perfect conditions. Nothing looks funnier than when you have your eyes totally made up, but your skin looks like it's not been finished. So don't forget to do your foundation. Do your concealer. Set it with a little bit of powder. A tiny amount of nutri-blush on your cheeks is perfect.

Then, since you're going out at night, I say go for the highlight on your cheekbones. Take some loose shimmer or some cream shimmer and put on your cheekbones. Put it above our eyebrows, maybe a little bit on the bow of your lip, just to make it really, really sexy.

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