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How to Do Asian Makeup with Raychel Wade

Learn about Raychel Wade, professional makeup artist and Howcast's Asian makeup expert, in this video.


Hi, my name is Rachel Wade, and I'm a celebrity makeup artist here in New York City. I have a business called Chic-to-Chic, which I started many moons ago, when I was working behind a makeup counter, here in New York City, as well as, in Beverly Hills, California.

I had this itch to help everyday women look and feel their best. So I started taking them to makeup counters, and helping them shop and find the right products, and giving them lessons in their homes, and teaching them which products looked best, and which brands I liked the best, as well. As my business grew, I started doing weddings, and then I started doing photo shoots, and then I started doing celebrities on the red carpet, and now, most recently, I hold makeup workshops for people who want to become makeup artists. One, two, and three day workshops here in New York City, and you come and you roll up your sleeves, and you get nice and dirty with makeup all over you, and you just start practicing, practicing, practicing.

I very much believe that women should look and feel their best, and break all the makeup rules that there are out there. Howcast called me in to be the expert for Asian makeup, and while there are certainly tips and tricks to Asian skin and Asian features, I also believe that makeup is a way to express yourself. And no matter who you are, and no matter what color your skin is, or what part of the globe you're from, you should us makeup to do just that, express yourself and make yourself feel better.

When I started my business, Chic-to-Chic, I started a web site, which is, Chic-to-Chic. Very cute. I also am on Twitter, under RachelWade, and I have a fan Facebook, which is Cheek to Chic. And a couple of years ago, I started my own YouTube channel, where I do celebrity-inspired tutorials, and I bring in people and I do looks on them. My YouTube channel is called Chic Makeup 160, and you can see a whole bunch of fun tutorials on there. Sometimes when I do a celebrity, I will recreate the look on myself or on someone else so you can see exactly which products I use onset, which is a really, really, really fun way to learn how to do makeup.

So I would love to meet you in person. I know that it's fun to watch these videos, but sometimes it's even more fun to meet a makeup artist in person. So if you'd like to sign up for my makeup workshops, you can contact me through my web site, or if you want me to do your makeup for your wedding, or a photo shoot, or even if you just have a special place to go and a special occassion to have your makeup professionally done, I'm here to help. And you can get my through my web site, which is, again,, or just Google Rachel Wade, and you're probably going to find me. Thanks.

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