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How to Set Your Hair for a Wedding Hairstyle, Part 2

Learn how to set your hair from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial, part two of a two-part series.


So I finished curling the whole back section and I'm gonna use a little flexible hairspray to set the style. And I'll do this as I finish each section. Flexible hairspray's important though because you don't want anything that flakes or is too hard to rake your hands through or move.

Now, pay closer attention when you move to the front of the face. You want your sections to be smoother. Most of the time I curl the hair closest to the face moving away from the face. You wanna open up that face. You wanna keep it very modern looking. So we'll do these last two sections on the top and we'll actually set them using pins. And I want a little bit of volume here so I'm again curling the root up.

Now after I get that last little bit in the curling iron I'm just gonna very lightly take it off the curling iron and then I'm gonna set this curl in place using a duckbill clip. So that's all. And then you'll let that set and cool.

Now I'm gonna set the top portion using Velcro rollers. So I made a section and it's kind of a Mohawk section of the hair. It starts from the top of the temple to the other top of the temple. Remembering that I don't want this space to be wider than my Velcro roller. And then this section is gonna be where her part is. Where her fringe kind of topples over her forehead. So I wanna keep the elevation of that kind of low.

So instead of going straight up with the hair I'm actually gonna go straight forward with the hair. Alright. I'm just gonna hold that curl in place. I'm gonna take a Velcro roller. These are just a large variety. They do have bigger ones than these.

So to do a Velcro roller you wanna use the roller to brush the hair. You wanna brush the hair all the way to the tips. The tip, tip, tips. You wanna make sure that's smooth and then I like to keep my fingers on the outside edge because that helps to keep any hair that maybe spilling out at the sides right in place.

Now, once you get it you're going to lock it in place with the bobby pin. I'm just sliding the pin in place. So I have a bobby pin on one side and then a bobby pin on the other side. And remember, you're gonna let this hair set so you wanna give it a nice steady beginning.

So now I'm gonna move to the other sections. Now, these other sections aren't gonna be part of her fringe. So we're actually gonna move them straight up as we curl them. You could also do this with a blow dryer and a round brush if you felt more comfortable with that. This is actually just single pack of Velcro rollers that I use. That's probably all you'll need.

So that's the last section. Take your very last Velcro roller rolling it all the way to the ends and then securing it with two bobby pins. And I just kind of clean up anything that spills off you just push it back on the roll. So that is how to set your hair using a curling iron, Velcro rollers and clips.

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