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How to Release Hair Rollers Properly for a Wedding Hairstyle

Learn how to properly release hair rollers from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


I'm going to show you how to properly release rollers from your hair. I've already pre-set her hair. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take out the clip setting that I put on the sides and show you how to properly remove that. Then I'll show you how to properly remove the velcro rollers.

With the clips you want to pinch both sides of the curl, and you want to release your clip. You just want to softly drop the curl. But you can see by clipping the hair what a bit more volume that it gave us.

Now, for the velcro rollers, remember we secured them with one bobby pin on each side. So, the first thing that you want to do is, again, clip each side of the roll with your hands. Remove your pins carefully. There's no rush here. Now what you want to do is take two fingers and place them underneath the roller. So, what you're going to do is you're unrolling the roller, but you have two fingers right behind it that are keeping it secure.

Just release the roller. Let it set. Move in under the second. You want to pinch each side of the roller. Remove the bobby pins. Take two fingers. Place it right at the base. Then your fingers are just going to follow the curl along.

I lost a little curl on this side here, so I'm just going to place it back on the roller so that I can be in more control. If you get a tangle just take your time and undo the tangle. But keep following, keep following all the way to the end. Then you can see I take and smooth each curl further, just twisting it, making it smooth. It keeps the integrity of the curl intact but also lets you have that great volume that we like.

So that's properly releasing the rollers from your hair.

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