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How to Do a Half Up / Half Down Wedding Hairstyle w/ a Veil

Learn how to do a half up / half down hairstyle with a veil from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


So this is how to put in a veil. We've just completed a beautiful half-up, half-down style on our model here, and we have a couple of different options of where to put the veil. We're using kind of a long, standard veil that has been sewn onto a clip, and what we're going to do first is we're going to decide where we want the veil. If you are wearing the veil over your face, you'll want to put the veil up a little bit higher on this style, which is also nice because when you do transition and start wearing it back, you'll be able to see the hairstyle through the veil. But today we're going to focus on just creating a veiled look in the back. So you can choose to put it right underneath your style or right on top of your style to see, or like I said, a little higher.

So what you're going to do is you're going to flip your clip to mirror whatever round of your head. So we're working with the round of our head, so we're actually going to flip our clip over this way so that it rounds out and mirrors the shape of our head. So we are going to put it right here underneath our style. I'm going to go up, and then I'm going to go down. Once you get it into place, you're going to secure it with bobby pins, just for a little extra security. Now to do that I would take it, and I would flip it up over. Take bobby pins, and remember you have two edges of your clips here, so I'm just going to bobby pin zigzag inside the clip.

Same on the other side. Find that clip and zigzag it inside, and use as many bobby pins until you feel like it's secure to your head. Then you are going to bring your veil down. Fluff and adjust. You'll also want to adjust the hair that's resting on top of it and make sure it's secure and the way that you like it. You want to check the veil from all angles and make sure that you're pleased with how it looks everywhere. Make sure that you like how it looks from the front and from both sides. So this is how to put in a veil.

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