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How to Do a 3 Ponytail Wedding Updo

Learn how to do a three ponytail updo hairstyle from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


I am going to show you how to do a three ponytail up-do today. What we are going to do is we are going to start in the back of the head, and you can see I've added some extra curls. I am going to put in a couple of little teases, very, very, light, just to give the hair a little bit of movement. What we are going to do is I am going to take a triangle section. The tip of the triangle starts in the center of the back of the head. This is our first section.

Give it one little twist, and a push-up, and I am going to grab a clear elastic band to secure that to the head with it. I want this nice and secure, so I am actually going to do three rotations. However many rotations you do on the last rotation, just don't hold the hair all the way out, creating a little loop.

So now, we are going to drape the rest of the hair over. We are going to do the same on the each side. You can vary this hairstyle by doing as many of these little ponytails as you want to, by doing them up the back of the head, up the side. You might want to do two low, and then one high, you can create a really soft circular shape.

I am going to drop a little bit of hair around the face. I am going to put her next ponytail in. Remember, I don't want to make anything too tight back here. Take your clear elastic band, cinch it into place, and be really loose at first because I don't want to lose all this texture that we have here. Remember in the last one to not pull the loop all the way out. I am going to do the same thing on the other side. Because this is a side where her fringe is, I am just going to keep the fringe out.

This, I think, is a beautiful hairstyle if your hair isn't quite long. By doing the bottoms, you are going to give your hair a really, really, full effect, and it's going to make it look like it's really super long hair. So this is a great trick for kind of shoulder length, maybe medium length hair, or even really, really, fine hair can look full by using these techniques.

Now, we can start working within our three little ponytails. What we are going to do is, we are going to take them, and we are going to fluff them out. Then, starting in the center, you're going to take that shape that you just created. You are going to separate it into two, and you are going to twist it upside down, and then pin. You can take, if you want to add more texture, you can take, and separate, and twist the loop as many times as you want too, leaving it a little bit loose because as I go to the others, I might change the order. I want to be able to still move things around, and play with things.

While you are doing this, you want to think about how much of the back you want to take out. If you want to keep things really tight, you can create a chignon, or a tousle bun effect. You don't want to spread your spaces out too wide. The nice thing is, too, when you leave the little ends out from your loops, it makes this look like curls, and not like loops.

You want your sides to be seen from the front, so I am going to be sure I tuck it really close to the back of the ear. I slip my bobby pin in there. For little pieces like this, sometimes I just will slide the bobby pin in and tuck it into oblivion there. Nobody can see where it's at. I just kind of play with it, until I like where it's at. This is a beautiful style if you are going to add fresh flowers to your hair, or a veil, or any kind of jewel piece. The looseness of the look makes it kind of nice for those kind of things. Now let's deal with the sides that I left out. I always want to leave it nice and loose around the face, it creates some beautiful softness. This is a beautiful style too, if you are going to be outdoors, and the wind might be blowing the style around, because it's not too perfect. I am just twisting this hair. I am going to pin it right here to cover our pin.

When you get to the fringe, you can do a couple of things. You can leave as much or as little out as you want. The more you leave out, the kind of more tousled and soft the look. Another really pretty thing to do is to take this front piece here and then smooth it back over the top of everything else. So just check all of your symmetry, and make sure everything looks great. That is your three ponytail up-do.

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