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How to Do a 3 Ponytail Wedding Updo with a Veil

Learn how to do a three ponytail updo hairstyle with veil from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


So we just completed a three pony tail up-do and now we're going to add a veil. I wanted to talk a little bit about why you would choose a type of veil over another. I think that usually the style of veil is very indicative of the kind of dress and then your event. Sometimes if you're you are having a super, super, formal event, you'll go with a longer, more elegant veil. For a more casual, or maybe even a little kitschy wedding, you'll want to go with another kind.

If you had any kind of vintage inspiration in any part of your wedding, then you would want to lean towards that kind of a veil. Truthfully, sometimes the veil will be the first step, then you will create a look to follow it. We are going to use a bird cage veil today. I am going to show you, there's a couple of different places that you can place it to get different looks.

This is a bird cage veil. All that talks about is the type of netting that it is, and this actually has more traditional netting over the top of it, so it is very, very pretty. First, you kind of want to experiment where you want to put the veil, and if you want it over your eyes or not. I think since she has a beautiful fringe to one side, let's put the veil to the other side. I was initially thinking to do it kind of low back and keep it out of her eyes, which will be very cute. So you are almost balancing shapes.

This is a little heavier on this side so we're going to make it heavier on that side. Then I think that is too low. I am going to go a little bit higher so that it drapes casually over her eyes. What you are going to do after you have picked your place that you want the hair, most of them are sewn onto a little clip here, you want to de-tangle that first, and then go in with the round of the head, you want the round of the comb to go also. You are going to actually stick it into the opposite direction first.

Taking the clip on the curve of the head, you're going to place the clip the opposite the direction, and then the right direction. You are going to just take and pin that into place with two bobby pins, one on either side. Feel free to use more, if you feel like you need it. One on one side, one on the other side, until you feel like it's nice and secure.

You are going to want to place the veil carefully into place. I wanted to show you the birdcage veil because it doesn't have to just live wherever you want it to. You can also take and cinch pieces into the veil and bobby pin them. Now that I have the veil in place, I am going to adjust it. One thing I am going to do is, I am going to have my bride to just go ahead and grab the very front of the veil because that's where I want it to be. I am going to play with the shape a little bit.

I am going to see if I want it lower, or I want it higher, or I want it more fanned out. In this case, I actually want to bring it a little bit tighter. I am just going to take a bobby pin and secure the veil in place also. Sometimes, too, you can get the veil a little twist, just like you do the hairstyle. Take your bobby pin, stick it into place, and then you want to double bobby pin everywhere that you do that too. I am going to do the same for the other side.

Spin around so you can see what is happening, making sure everything is nice and in place. Give it a little bit of a twist, stick your bobby pin in and then stick it in. Remember, you can always use the rest of the hairstyle to cover. So if you needed to shift any of these up, you could do that, and that would cover any little seams that you might have. So after you do the other side bobby pinned into place, you just want to make sure that everything underneath the veil is set the way that you want it to. And that is how to put in a veil with our three ponytail look.

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