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Easy Wedding Updos

Learn easy wedding updos from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


I am going to teach you how to create an easy wedding up do. We are going to start with a curled set. Actually, a little bit more curled is better. This is a great look if you have naturally curly hair and you want to just take your natural curl and add some curling iron curls on top of it. I am going to start by teasing it a bit at the crown. You want a little bit of height, but I do not want it crazy high. This is an asymmetrical look that is beautiful with an asymmetrical gown or something that is strapless.

So, I just teased the hair. What I am going to do is an asymmetrical look and then a side pony tail. I am going to do it the same way as her fringe. What I am going to do is take from where her temples are and I am just draping the hair with my thumb. I am going to mirror that on the other side. This first section, you are going to just slightly off-center. Then with each section you are going to go a little farther to the side, and a little farther to the side. So, once I get the hair positioned where I want it, I am just going to take it, twist it, push it up a little bit to give it a little volume. Then I am going to pin it. I am going to take a little piece of the hair and use a bobby pin to secure it.

Now that you are here, you can take the shape and create another one. I am just going to use the curl. Give it one half twist and then bobby pin it. That is the first step of our look. Then we are going to take the second section which is right above the ear. We are going to drape it back. I am going to put the hair together and I am going to twist it again. Then I am going to secure it with bobby pins. For the last section here, we are going to take this section right under the ear. Now I am just taking another section from the other side, draping it over the top. Give it a twist.

After you twist, I am actually going to take and wrap a tiny piece of hair around, creating a pony. You are also going to use just a clear elastic band here to secure it into place. Now that you have this, go around to the front. We have left a couple of pieces out around in the front. So you want to find a nice place for those to go. When you are working with curls, it is nice to give it a little half turn like this. It is really easy and it just kind of accentuates that curl. With a hairstyle like this, you could start from the back portion and then you can incorporate any of the sides in. The more that you drag it across, the more interesting and detailed it will look on the sides.

This would be a beautiful hairstyle for an outdoor wedding or something where the wind might blow. Sometimes that is nice to have a style that is a little less perfect for those occasions. So that if a hair blows out of place, the whole look isn't lost. A really cute thing to do is, for what is left out, would be to take it and smooth the curl out a little bit and then just take a light little tease in it. So you are not teasing, you are just going against the grain of the hair, almost doing it where ever you see a little turn. So where ever we see a little curve and a curl we will add a little tease. This is a great look if your hair has trouble holding curl.

It will hold the curl better if it is just the bottom. You actually get a really nice textured look throughout the up do also. The very last step would be to refine the shape. So deciding exactly where you want everything to be. Make sure that it looks beautiful there. Also, good time to kind of fan or expand your shapes and that is your easy wedding up do.

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