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How to Do a Vintage Bridal Hairstyle

Learn how to do vintage bridal hair looks from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


I am going to show you how to create a vintage style. This is a beautiful 40s inspired look. I’ve already set the hair using a very soft vintage wave. We're gonna tease both sides of the hair, you want a pretty good tease. Start with small sections in the front.

You just want to brush that top layer of your teasing. Then I am going to take this part by her temple, I’m going to push it back, put a little twist in it and push it back. Once I’ve placed it where I want it, I’m gonna set it in place with some pins. Then were gonna do that some thought to the other side but almost we're almost going to create a little wing on the other side.

Go in with some teasing, hair spray the tease so it stays. then again right there at her temple we are gonna come in. you’re gonna take the hair and smooth it in your hand a bit. twist it and push it up, gonna take a pin and stick it in there, take another pin stick it in there.

And there you have your vintage inspired 40s look.

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