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How to Create a Twisted Side Ponytail for Bridesmaids

Learn how to create a twisted side ponytail for bridesmaids from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


I'm going to show you a couple of bridesmaids' hairstyles. One thing to keep in mind when you're doing or when you're thinking about kind of the collection of hair that you're going to have at your wedding, is you want kind of one unifying theme throughout. So we're going to do that today. I'm actually going to do one hairstyle, and then I'm going to create three different looks using the same hairstyle. And so you can incorporate things like that into your wedding. Like if you wanted to incorporate braids into your wedding, you could braid each of the bridesmaid's hair.

Another thing to consider when choosing a bridesmaid's hairdo is you either want it to resemble yours to be the opposite of yours. So if you're wearing your hair down, maybe you want to have all the bridesmaids put their hair up or vice versa, or you want to have that unifying theme throughout. Another great idea for bridesmaids is hairpieces. That's one great way to unify everybody. So you could do the same exact hairstyle on somebody but do different accents to each one, would be really pretty.

So the one we're going to do today is super, super easy. We're going to take already set hair, already curled hair, and we're going to create soft looks off to the side. So what we're going to do is we're going to just brush the hair in that direction. So what you're going to do is, they're all going to start with low ponytails to the side. So I'm going to take a clear elastic band, and I'm going to use that to tie around the ponytail. I would also consider, when you're doing this style, what side the bridesmaids are all going to be on. If you want all of the hairstyles to be shown, or if you want the other side where the bridesmaids' faces are revealed, decide what side you want the ponytail to be on.

So I put in the ponytail, and I'm just basically kind of loosening it up. What I'm going to do is the old topsy tail, if you remember that. I'm going to take right above the elastic band, and I'm going to create a little hole. I'm going to put my two fingers pinched together through that hole. Then I'm going to grab the ponytail with those fingers and loop it through, all the way through. I just creates a very beautiful twisted shape at the bottom. So for our first look, we're going to take this shape, and we're just going to create a traditional ponytail out of it.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take a piece of hair from the back of the style. I'm going to smooth it out, and I'm going to wrap it around the rubber band so you can't see the rubber band. Then I'm just going to take a bobby pin here, stick it on the end, and then stick it up into the updo. Then I always like to tease the bottom a little bit. You just want to tease, you're not teasing to make it frizzy, you're just teasing to make the shape fuller. So any time you see a curve out, that's a good place to put the tease at. Check the front. See if you want to drape any hair back. I actually like it all down like that.

So this is bridesmaid look number one.

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