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How to Do a Braided Wedding Hairstyle

Learn how to do a braided hairstyle from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


I am going to teach you how to a braided wedding hairstyle. The first thing that we are going to do is this hair has already been set, it's already been curled all through, with a curling iron. Also, set with a heat-protectant spray. Any time you are working with braids a little texture in the hair is always the best. Super, super, silky hair doesn't work very well.

The first thing I'm going to do is I want to kind of segment out the front portion of her hair. We are going to do like a horseshoe shape here. And we are just going to section it off, so that we don't pull that into our braids, because we want this to be loose and modern. Up in a little bun, and hold it up and you can kind of see it's kind of got the horseshoe shape. Now, we are going to start with the braid.

What I am going to what's called an inside out French braid. I am going to take a section of hair, a pretty large one, because we want a full looking braid. I am taking it kind of where this section is and up. I am break that into three and I'm going to braid, moving one underneath the middle strand. So outside goes underneath the middle strand, and then I am going to start pulling the hair into the hairstyle. I am only going to pull hair in from the underside.

Traditional French braid, you would pull from the underside and the top. So we are just going to pull in from the underside. I am going to bring that in. One thing that you want to keep in mind is you want to move your hands, or travel the braid in the direction that you want it to go. I want it really low, and I want it to swoop softly to the bottom. We are just going to use the hairline as our guide. We are going in a soft c shape. Braided styles are great, especially if you have highlights in your hair, because you can see all the different tones and colors within your hair color. It is really pretty. Then, I will take a bobby pin and secure the ends temporarily.

Now, I am going to mirror the same thing on the other side, ignoring the top portion. My first section is kind of going to be from her recession back. I am just going to the exact same thing on this side, that I did on that side. When you finish braiding this other side, you want to just lightly secure it with a bobby pin. Now what we are going to do is actually break it into three sections here. Separate out this top part, and we are going to add half of each of the middle section to the braids. I am going to take a clear elastic band and I am going to, right at the nape of the neck here in the corner, I am going to create a pony tail. I am going to mirror that on this side. You can remove your bobby pin now.

Remove your center section, and you are going to add your third elastic band right there. Now you are going to put a regular braid into each section. In a variation of this hairstyle you could also do two or three braids within each pony tail, if you wanted more texture. You are going to secure that with an elastic band. One last braid. You want to make them pretty tight because you are going to plump everything up. You're going to blend everything as you go so that the braids aren't quite as tight, they are a little softer. Actually, I am going to show you how to do that now. In the part that we French Braid, I am going to start at the top, and I am just going to spread the braid out. This is a great tip if you have fine hair, because you can expand the braids and you can make your hair look as full as you want it to.

Now I have my three big flat braids. I am going to kind of start interweaving them, bringing them up. I am going to start pinning them into place. So I will go in and secure it even further with pins, but for now, I am just getting the shape in there that I like. You can even weave pieces into the other braid if you are trying to hide the elastic like I am. We are going to take any loose ends, be sure to tuck them up. When you get the shape that you love, you can go ahead and start working on the front. I am going to take any excess hair here, twist it and I'm going to put it back underneath the braid. So there you have a simple braided up do.

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