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How to Use Flowers in Your Hair for a Wedding

Learn how to use flowers in your hair from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


I'm going to show you how to use flowers in your hair. A couple of things
to consider. First of all, where you want to place it on the head, and you
have to remember that a flower is a 3D accent. So you want to make sure
that it looks cute from each angle.

So most of the time if you're using fresh flowers, I would actually say to
plan on using two of them, one for the front and one for the back side. If
you are using a fresh flower, I would have your florist or whoever is
making your flowers create one for you. So she'll make it very similar to
how she'd make a boutonniere. She'd thread a wire through the flower and
then cover that all in florist's tape.

So you'd have a very pliable flower, but it also lasts longest. When
you're doing your flowers, if they're natural, you want to make sure
you do all of your hair spraying, all of your finishing before you put the
flower on. You never want to hair spray over a real flower. If you're
slipping in your flower in the back portion of your hair, you're probably
pretty safe just clipping it in and taking a couple of bobby pins and
crisscrossing it.

If you want to do a flower on one side, this is where it can become a
little bit tricky. You place a flower straight to the side of your head.
Usually there's kind of an odd gap here. So what you want to do is you actually
want to put it on a little bit of an angle toward the face. Now, if you're
using real flowers, it will obviously be a little bit more 3D than this. So
you'll put it on the side, you'll clip it in, and you'll use bobby pins to
reinforce it.

Now, let me show you what the back looks like. So sometimes you have this
kind of open space in the back, and what would happen if it was a real
flower it would be much bigger than this. That's why I say plan on two if
you're using fresh flowers because it's great to just kind of stick one in the
back side, too, so that it's beautiful from the front, from the side, and
from the back. So you'd want to consider that.

Another great option for a place to put flowers, besides the side and in the
back of the updo, would be kind of very low back which can be very pretty,
also, where you would just tuck it in the underneath part of your style,
and it's covered from all angles that way.

So when using flowers in your hair, you can use beautiful silk ones, like
we are today, or you can also use real ones. The reason you would use one
versus the other was silk is more durable. So if you were going to be
somewhere outside, if you were going to be greeting a lot of people and
hugging a lot of people, you might want to stick to something that is
synthetic but equally beautiful.

And there are so many varieties of flowers out there. This one is so nice.
It already comes, you know, attached with a clip. That's very handy. You can get
different colors and different textures. They can look quite real, also. I
love this one. It's soft and elegant.

So I would definitely suggest when using real flowers or fake flowers in your hair, make sure that you're putting it in the right place, and that it's beautiful from every angle.

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