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3 Classic Bridal Hairstyles

Learn about three classic bridal hairstyles from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


So I wanted to talk to you about classic bridal hairstyles today. Some very, very classic looks would be, like a chignon, or a french twist, or even a bun. What makes it classic is, these are the hairstyles that you'll see every decade, redone in a different way. So you can really choose and keep them really, really classic or you can actually add simple little touches and create a very modern look, that has a classic feel. Those three styles are, kind of, your fool proof styles, you can't go wrong with one of those. So I would say if you had a very classic or elegant dress, you would want to veer more towards a classic hairstyle. Also take into consideration, when you're choosing a hairstyle, the neckline of your dress. If you have, say a sweetheart neckline, maybe you want to extenuate that with your hair down or if you have a very, very beautiful neckline, maybe you want all of your hair up and off of your face. Also take into consideration, when you're thinking about you're up-do, what kind of a veil you're using or if you want to put in any accessories. Can't go wrong with putting a veil or accessories in a really classic, classic look. You want to keep your hair simple and you want to be able to look at these pictures from your beautiful day, you know, 20 years down the road and still have them look classic and beautiful.

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