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How to Wear Your Hair Down for Your Wedding Day

Learn about wearing your hair down from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


I get a lot of brides that ask me questions about wearing their hair down. Could they, should they and how's the best way to go about it?

I think, first of all, if you have long beautiful hair, it's perfectly fine to wear it down. You just want to do it in a purposeful way. So you still want to add polish to your day and you want to think of the overall effect of having your hair down, and not just consider your hair is long and that's the most important factor.

Think does it match with the dress or the setting that you're in. Is your hair healthy and beautiful and shiny and something that you really want to celebrate? Is there ways that you can wear your hair down but maybe take and pin part of it up or you can add in flowers or broaches or things like that? Or if you're going to wear a veil, is it really appropriate to wear your hair all the way down?

I think that there are a lot of looks that you can kind of accentuate how long your hair is without having to wear it all down and plain. That's the biggest concern. You never want to look plain on your day. So if you're considering wearing your hair down make sure it's polished and beautiful.

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