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How to Prepare Your Hair for a Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Learn how to prepare your hair for curly styles from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.



A lot of brides ask me how to prep their hair for curly hairstyles. I would say, if you have naturally curly hair, you want to consider if your curl is bigger or smaller than the look that you're trying to achieve, and also how you can make it look as polished as possible.

So, if you had curly hair like my curls, you can very easily take the curl and build up on it. You could take a curling iron that was slightly larger than your actual curl, and use it to finish your hair, and add just a little bit of shine to the hair, a little bit of extra polish. And you wouldn't have to redo your whole head necessarily, but it would be great to just focus that on places that needed more polish and shine.

You could also...I would say if your hair was much curlier than your desired look, I would consider getting a blow out, like a big, soft wavy blow out, the day before your big day, and then adding your curls over the top of it. The only reason I suggest doing it the day before, is you have to think about how much you're asking your hair to do. If you're asking your hair to be straight one moment and then putting curls with a curling iron in the next, you might not get the wearability that you're going to want, especially for your wedding day. You want it to be beautiful and last all day.

Another thing I like to do with curly styles is, we like to see now a lot of curly texture kind of happening within the hairstyle, not just kind of in the back, or at the end. So, what you can do is you can put your hair in that style, leaving those couple of pieces out around your face. Curl those separately with a curling iron, and then drape them back, and see if you like that look. That will give it a curly texture within the hairstyle. So, those are some great ways to prep your curly hair for curly hairstyles.

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