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5 Wedding Day Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Learn five ideas for short hair from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


Some great ideas for short hair wedding day styles would be first of all, consider an accent or an accessory. If you have shorter hair, you can get away with a lot more. You can really push the envelope. Consider maybe a birdcage veil or say a larger flower or a bigger, sparkly brooch. Or headbands are really beautiful now, too.

I would also consider doing.. Even if your hair is just a little bit below your chin or chin length, you can still pin and tuck it up in kind of a curlier, softer style and get the overall look that your hair is much longer than it is. So braids and, kind of, twist and pin styles are really great for short hair.

Another great thing to consider would be a sleeker look. If you have shorter hair, it's really easy to do like a finger wave. Like a more traditional finger wave or even some slick-backed looks with a bold accessory would be a really beautiful option.

And now we see brides wearing hats more often than not. You could get a beautiful vintage hat or handmade hat. Or even a larger, more decorative flower could be considered a hat.

So those are some great things to consider, if you have short hair, for your bridal look.

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