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6 Wedding Hair Accessories

Learn about six wedding hair accessories from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


Another thing to consider for your big day is a wedding day hair accessory. There are so many to choose from. And sometimes the accessory will lead to the look or the feel of a wedding, too, so definitely keep your eyes open.

Some of my favorites to use would be like some beautiful brooch pieces. Even if you had maybe an antique brooch that was in your family you could very easily convert it into a hair piece. A lot of the broach or the sparkly things that we see on the red carpet are actually vintage brooches repurposed that way. So some really beautiful pieces to consider would be something like a brooch. Or, you could use this to accentuate almost any hair style. Whether it was half up or half down, or one side pulled up. A beautiful brooch or something shimmery is always nice.

Another beautiful option would be a headband. There are so many beautiful headbands out. And there are some that are a more traditional headband style like this, but then there are also some ribbon based ones. Something like this. This is actually a double headband that you would wrap and tie around the nape of your neck. And it's also finished very beautifully on the ends. So something like this would also be great to consider. If you were thinking something with a little vintage nod to it I think a great way to do that would be with a headband. This is a beautiful double headband that you could use for a very like jazz age updo, something very beautiful.

So if you were doing something very classy or classic, something smoother and sleeker, I would definitely recommend something with a little bit of texture, maybe like a flower, whether silk or real. Also, veils. Veils are a great accessory. Not every bride wants to wear a veil, but if you do there are a dozen to choose from. You can place them anywhere within your hair. You can place them on the very top of your hair style. You can place them underneath. You can place them, like for a bird cage or a more vintage one, a little off center.

So these are some great things to consider if you are looking for hair accessories for your wedding.

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