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How to Have a Natural Hair Look on Your Wedding Day

Learn how to have a natural hair look from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast wedding hair tutorial.


A lot of brides ask me how they can maintain a natural hair look. I would say if you have a natural texture or consistency to your hair that's nice I would use hot tools, curling irons, and things like that to accentuate it and to add a little bit more polish. So, you would be in your natural state you would just be a more glamorous, polished version of that.

Another thing too consider is keep your hair styles really movable, and leave soft little pieces out here and there especially around the face. I think if you keep a bit of softness out around your face like a swooping fringe or even a little bit on both sides that always keeps the look very, very natural. Another thing to consider would be like a beach wave, or something like that. Something that was a more natural curl texture would also be a beautiful way to keep your hair natural.

I think it's a great idea to keep your hair natural if you have an outdoor setting, for example. If you were on the beach, or in the countryside, or even on the golf course I think a natural hair look is perfect, because as the wind blows, and sways through your hair it looks very, very natural. So I would definitely suggest that if you were looking for a natural hair style.

The biggest concern people have with natural hair styles is they're worried that the curl is going to fall out of their hair or that their hair style is going to lose shape.

I think that a much better solution to this and a more modern solution to this would be to make sure that your prep was perfect.

That being said you'd want to apply whatever you were doing to day old hair. You'd want to add something for hold and styling before you started curling and after, and kind of all throughout the process. Instead of just curling and finishing your look then at the end blasting it with hairspray and worrying that it's going to fall.

If you build up that level of hold throughout the style your hair style should last you all day, and it'll keep a more natural appearance.

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