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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 1 - Introduction

Check out part 1 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and beat the introduction with this online demo.


Man 1: Is everything in place?

Man 2: Almost.

Man 1: What do you mean, 'almost?'

Man 2: I have spoken with Montreal. The broadcast satellites are ours when we need them. A few weeks of discomfort, and the public will be primed for our recall.

Man 1: And the clinics?

Man 3: We control their purse strings. They will do as we say. I still think we should wait for the referendum.

Man 4: We can't afford to wait. America's Science Board convenes next month.

Man 3: but the mood among the delegates shifting! I'm positive of that, give me more time.

Man 1: no. I going public with this discovery, Sanif is forcing our hand.

Man 3: The world will not change overnight just because David Sarif wills it. Besides, we can do nothing until our biochip is ready.

Man 4: I thought you said you were close.

Man 3: Finding the correct nerve-interface has proven more challenging than anticipated. Fortunately, thanks to David, I now know where to look.

Woman: And in Washington tonight, crowds continued to gather in front of the capital. Most are demanding that Congress severely restrict efforts to alter the human body's abilities. This, in response to claims made by technology expert David Sarif, his firm may have discovered a way to make a human controlled evolution available to all. Sarif industries researchers are set to arrive in Washington tomorrow, to defend the claim. But for tonight? This is Eliza Cassan, reporting to you live, from Picus.

Adam: with all due respect, Major, I'll expect security details waiting for us. On the tarmac. No, we won't be going through the terminal, it's too exposed. Yes. I'm glad you understand. Good night. idiot.

Meg: Something wrong?

Adam: No, not for me, it isn't. But you keep pulling on that necklace, Doctor Reed, and you're going to break it. Come on, Meg. You've defended your research before.

Meg: That was different. Then it was all just theories. But this discovery, Adam, it's big. Kepler big. Rosetta Stone big.

Adam: So, what's the problem?

Meg: They'll want to know how I found it.

David: Megan, we're leaving for DC in...Adam! You're there. Good, good.

Adam: You need something boss?

David: Yeah, I want to go over your security plans for Washington before we leave. You and your team ready to go, Megan?

Meg: Almost David, we're just rechecking data.

David: Well make it snappy. We have to actually be in Washington before you can dazzle all those federally appointed know-it-alls.

Meg: I hate it when he does that. Come on, I'll walk you part way. David's waiting, Adam, we shouldn't keep him.

Adam: You know you should really get in the habit of locking you computer, Meg.

Meg: I know, I know. Frank gets on me about it too. Hey, stop reading my emails! Are you coming?

Adam: In a second.

Meg: Please, Adam, I'm nervous enough.

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