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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 2 - Introduction

Check out part 2 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and beat the introduction with this online demo.


Computer: Warning: This lab is for authorized personnel only.

Adam: What did you mean back there, Meg? About how you found it?

Dr. Reed: Nothing. It's just my nerves talking.

Adam: There's something I should know about this place, about Sarif?

Declan: Megan!

Dr. Reed: Hold on.

Declan: We're still getting biochemical fluctuations across the artificial flow cells.

Dr. Reed: Okay. But the increased neuropeptides coming from the PEDOT cluster could be throwing off your calibrations.

Declan: Right. I'll double-check that.

Dr. Reed: I can't believe you were asking about David. You've been here long enough to know if -- Eric! You wouldn't be avoiding me, would you?

Eric: I wouldn't dream of it, Dr. Reed. I think I know why Declan's reading are off.

Dr. Reed:Too many peptides?

Eric: I'm thinking the glial tissue breakdown we noticed after splicing in the repressive protein might be the cause. If we had a better cytometer...

Dr. Reed:... we might get a more accurate reading that confirms your theory. I'll ask David to consider it.

Eric: If he orders one from Page Industries, maybe they'll throw in another cappuccino maker.

Dr. Reed: You overthink everything, Adam. The work we're doing is good. We're helping people overcome their physical limitations.

Adam: Yeah, except most of our clients seem to be D.O.D.

Dr. Reed: It's not all military. We work with teachers, doctors, construction workers.

Eddie: Damn it!

Nia: Watch it, Eddie! Those boxes are worth more than your salary.

Eddie: Sorry, sorry.

Dr. Reed: Nia, you almost ready?

Nia: For Washington? Hah!

Dr. Sevchenko: Ah, Dr. Reed. This is General O'Neill.

General O'Neill: Dr. Sevchenko was telling me you've made progress on the Typhoon?

Dr. Reed: Yes. Thanks to Vasili, actually.

Dr. Sevchenko: As I was saying, sir, the Typhoon uses a modified combat chassis, like the one I'm wearing. But I've improved its design, using shaped micro-charges to propel the steel balls.

General O'Neill: And the backblast problem?

Dr. Sevchenko: Solved through kinetic bleeders in the augment. Here, watch. Go ahead.

General O'Neill: Impressive. How soon till it's ready?

Dr. Reed: I'm afraid I have to run. But Vasili has all the details, General.

General O'Neill: Of course.

Dr. Sevchenko: We still have some work to do to improve the Typhoon's accuracy,,,

Adam: You're right. A teacher would just love having one of those things.

Dr. Reed: You're missing the point. Defense contracts keep us afloat. But neural augmentations that make you think faster, react quicker -- they can really improve a life, everybody's lives. David's talked about it for years.

Adam: Yeah, he is a talker.

Dr. Reed: He's a good man. Admit it, Adam -- a part of you likes him.

Adam: I like everyone, Dr. Reed.

Dr. Reed:Yeah, right.

Adam: How far you going?

Dr. Reed: Diane's office. I forgot to leave her a key so she can walk Kubrick. He's gotten big, you know. Keeps knocking over all of my plants.

Adam: Did he destroy that vase yet?

Dr. Reed: I moved it. And I fenced in the yard, like you always said you were going to.

Adam: Yeah. Never got around to that, sorry.

Dr. Reed: Me too, about a lot of things. Adam, I... There's something I...

Pritchard: Good evening.

Adam: Pritchard.

Pritchard: So are we all ready for the trip?

Dr. Reed: There's Faridah. I'd better hurry. See you at the helipad, Adam.

Adam: Sure.

Pritchard:Did I interrupt something, Jensen?

Adam: You fix that firewall yet?

Pritchard: You don't 'fix' an entire firewall. You find the loophole and plug it.

Adam: Then did you plug it?

Pritchard: Yes, I did. Want to know how? Oh wait, I forgot. Ex-cop, I doubt you'd understand.

Adam: Ex-SWAT, and you'd be surprised. Sarif asked to see you, too?

Pritchard: Athene. She wants me to show her how to track our scientists' implanted locator devices, in case your security plans in Washington don't measure up.

Adam: They will.

Receptionist: Gentlemen, how wonderful to see you both. Go right in, Adam. He's waiting.

Man: This is the newest in encrypted GPL trackers, Athene. It transmits data to our dedicated satellites every 10 feet or five seconds.

David: I don't care what it takes. I want Hugh Darrow in Washington, by my side.

Lyle: The man doesn't jump for anyone. He's a Nobel Prize winner!

David: Senators love this guy, Lyle. The hearings will go much smoother with him there. Big day for us tomorrow. Everything in place?

Adam: Yes, sir. Capitol Police will escort us to the Hill, and then Federal Protection Services takes over.

David: Good, good. How's our girl holding up?

Adam: She's nervous.

Davd: All she has to do is show her research. She explain it to you?

Adam: Not really into the whole science-thing, boss.

David: It's incredible! All those 'purists' out there, accusing us of tampering with the natural order, when all Megan's done is figure out how to unlock the potential that exists within our own DNA! It's safer and easier than anything Hugh Darrow ever did!

Computer: Environmental malfunction, laboratory sub-section six. All lab chiefs, please report in.

David: We'd better not take any chances, not tonight. Use my elevator to get down there. You know the code?

Adam: Yeah, oh-four-five-one.

David: Let me know what you find. Athene, get someone to shut off the damn racket.

Athene: Yes, sir.

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