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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 3 - Introduction

Check out part 3 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and beat the introduction with this online demo.


Jensen: Pritchard, where's Megan? She report in yet?

Pritchard: Her G-L-P implant shows her moving through the micro-chem labs. I think she's running!

Jensen: Damn. Must've been a serious equipment failure. Can you get eyes on her?

Pritchard: I'm trying, but the intellicams are responding. There's interference coming from somewhere. Find out what's happening, Jensen! Hurry!

Jensen: Pritchard! Pritchard!

Woman: Help! Please hear us!

Man 1: Die!

Man 2: No, please, no! They're trying to kill me!

Man 3: Let's go!

Man 4: Hey. Down here.

He's gone. We'll wait and see if he comes back.

Man 5: Hey now.

Man 3: I know you're still here!

Man 5: Die!

Man 6: Please! Please don't kill us!

Man 7: Targets terminated, sir.

Man 8: Good. We can't risk anyone trying to play hero. Especially scientists who're overprotective of their work.

Man 7: Understood, sir.

Man 9: Gunshots!

Man 10: Sounds like trouble! Come on!

Man 11: And I'm alive!

Man 10: Come on!

Man 11: Time to lay low!

Need a line of sight!

Man 12: Jesus Christ!

Man 13: Lock and load! There!

Man 14: Jensen! Thank God!

Man 15: Open wide!

Man 16: CT probe shows the bullet caused severe hematoma.We need to repair that artery.

Man 17: My God. How thick was the glass?

Man 18: Come on, Adam. Stay with us.

Yeah. He's no good to me like this.

Man 19: Prepare for insertion of E-R-C-C-One graft.

Steady. Steady. He doesn't need that.

Man 20: Where's that cyber arm prosthesis?

Woman 2: I love you.

Man 21: Haven't you lost enough people today?

Woman 2: I'm sorry.

Man 21: We're seconds away.

Man 19: His body can take it.

Man 18: Miraculous.

Man 17: I think we got him, doc.

Man 19: Give him the Infolink.

Fine. Get me the telecom package.

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