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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 4 - Detroit M1

Check out part 4 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and beat Detroit Mission M1 with this online demo.


David: Adam, it's David. You in the building?

Adam: Just entered the lobby.

David: Sorry to pull you out of sick leave so soon, but we've got a situation, a break-in at our Milwaukee Junction factory. Meet me at the helipad.

Adam: I have to see Pritchard first. Something's wrong with my retinal enhancement.

David: Frank's on the second floor, in the tech lab. Make it quick. People's lives are at stake.

Woman: But why is David keeping the SWAT team from going in right away? Doesn't he remember the last attack?

Man: You can't compare the two. Those guys were obviously military.

Frank: About time. What happened, you get stuck in an air duct on the way over?

Adam: Yeah, nice to see you too, Francis. Something's wrong with my retinal display. Can you fix it?

Frank: If it's what I think it is, probably. Of course, it might sting. Looks like your left and right imaging processors weren't completely in sync. But don't worry, your Sentinel Health implant will kick in soon, repairing any damage that might have caused. Your retinal display should be fine now. It's recognition software wont be picking up hostiles yet, but you should be seeing your radar and targeting reticules. Biomedical data, too, if you're in pain.

Adam: Right. We done here? Because Sarif is waiting for me at the helipad.

Frank: I know. Radicals have broken into our manufacturing plant and taken hostages. Maybe this time you'll actually save people.

Adam: Lucky for you, I'm going to ignore that comment. We're done here.

David: Where are you, Adam? You don't have time to mess around. Get to the helipad, or something seriously bad is going to happen.

Man: All of the contracts we lost because of the last attack and the Washington Hearing being postponed.

Faridah: Welcome back, Jensen. Didn't think we'd see you around here for awhile yet.

Adam: You know how it goes, Malik. Duty calls.

Faridah: Don't I know it. I was in my wing-suit, halfway to the top of the Renaissance Center when I got the 9-1-1. But you, six months is a hell of a short time to come back from the dead. You sure you're ready for this?

Adam: Are you suggesting I'm not?

Faridah: Just asking the question. I was one of the ones who pulled you out of that mess. Not a memory I want to relive, and I don't have to wake up to the reminder of it every day.

Adam: I'm fine.

Faridah: If you say so. The boss is already on board, arguing with the D-P-D's tactical response team. They've got the plant surrounded, but Mr. Sarif wants you to do in first. You all set here? Because the sooner we take off, the better it will be for everyone.

Adam: I'm ready.

Faridah: Great, then let's get airborne.

David: I told Faridah to put us down on a roof. I don't want the crowds seeing you go in.

Adam: Fine. As long as she pulls you out the minute I'm gone. So what am I looking at here? Who are these guys?

David: Pro-human purists. Or so they say. The same purists who've been firebombing LIMB clinics all over the country.

Adam: You buy that?

David: Nah. I don't think it's a coincidence they hit us today, only hours after we moved the Typhoon in for assembly-line factoring.

Adam: The Typhoon? Megan's team was testing it the day that bastard...Who's on point for these guys?

David: Adam, I know you and Megan were once...

Adam: Who's on point for these guys?

David: Goes by the name of Sanders. That's him, there. He isn't augmented, Adam, so he can't be one of the mercs who attacked us, but he did know exactly how to get inside our plant.

Adam: All right. So how do you want me to handle this?

David: First priority is the typhoon. I'm keeping SWAT out until you've secured it. As far as rules of engagement go, I'll defer to you. Leather or non-lethal?

Adam: I'm not looking to start a firefight in there, just neutralize them.

David: Okay. But just make sure those bastards don't wake up and warn their friends. You remember what it's like in there? A lot of tight enclosed hallways, but the labs themselves are pretty open. high ceilings. So, do you want something you can use from a distance, or up close?

Adam: The closer, the better, I think. That way, I'll be sure they'll stay down.

David: You got it. The Typhoon should be in the Factoring Labs, but Pritchard will tell you more as you go in. I've got him running comms.

Adam: Terrific. Anything else?

David: Keep you eyes open for hostages. Free them if you can, but the Typhoon is your number one priority. We developed it for the alphabet agencies, and if we don't deliver it to them intact and still a secret...Well, I'm sure you'll get the job done right.

Faridah: Gentlemen, prepare for landing.

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