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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 5 - Detroit M1

Check out part 5 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and beat Detroit Mission M1 with this online demo.


Female: Gentlemen, prepare for landing.

SWAT: You ready to go in?...Good. Seen a few of them coming out for a smoke every now and again, so be careful.

SWAT 2: Look at this...They're sending in a can-opener to do a man's job. Those Purity First assholes, they're just gonna love this.

SWAT 3: Tell me you're the guy we've been twiddling our thumbs waiting for.

Jensen: S.I. Security. Name's Jensen.

SWAT 3: Jensen...Yeah, I thought I recognized you. You used to be on Team Two, till that Mexicantown thing went down, I gotta say, you're the last person I pictured taking orders from a CEO.

Jensen: Things change.

Soldier 3: Not always for the better. Feel like getting in there and doing whatever it is your boss wants you to do? 'Cause maybe then we can do our job.

Jensen: Intel on these 'purist'...How much you got?

SWAT 3: How much you want?

Jensen: They communicate any demands yet?

SWAT 3: Not yet. But I get the feeling they're not that organized. Most of the guys I've seen look like street bangers and thugs.

The kind who get their jollies trashing equipment. You ask me, it's the man in charge you have to worry about.

Jensen: How many am I looking at down there?

Soldier 3: Hard to say. We've spotted three in the courtyard, maybe half a dozen inside. But that's a sketchy estimate at best since we seem to be getting a looped playback off your intellicams.

Jensen: That shouldn't be possible. I told Sarif to make sure Prtichard overhauled the system.

Soldier: Well, someone inside must be tech-savy. 'Cause all were seeing is a loop. For all we know, there could be five, ten, or three dozen perps in there.

Jensen: The leader's name is Sanders, right? What's his story?

SWAT 3: Zeke Sanders. We're running background on him now. Looks like he fought two tours in the Gulf. One of them, on the Recycle Military Bill.

Jensen: You mean he's augmented? Sarif told me he's not.

SWAT 3: He used to be augmented. Says his augs made him do evil shit so he ripped 'em out. Now he's got a whole crew of gullible street kids listening to his crap and ready to die for him. Or kill.

Jensen: I think I've heard enough.

Soldier 3: You sure? Wouldn't want to make your boss unhappy.

Jensen: You look pretty dug in up here. What's the React Team plan?

Soldier 3: We got Alpha as point and Bravo as wing, both standing by to breach the target. We're coordinating from here but, until your boss gives us the go ahead, we're just holding our dicks.

Jensen: Realistically, how much time do I have before any shooting starts?

SWAT 3: According to protocol, none. According to your layers...? The sooner you get in there, the sooner we can hose this powder keg down and call it a day.

Jensen: We've got people inside. Any idea where I should look for them?

SWAT 3: Yeah. Your plant manager. Jose Thorpe, managed to slip a call out before someone snatched her cell. She said the hostages are being held in an office near the assembly labs.

Jensen: Makes sense. The workers were setting up for a production run, so they'd have been concentrated there.

SWAT 3: You know more about that than I would. Anything else?

Jensen: I got it from here. Sit tight. Wait for Sarif's signal.

SWAT 3: Like we got a choice.

Pritchard: Jensen, it's me, Pritchard. Where are you?

Jensen: On a roof overlooking the plant.

Pritchard: Good. Your point of entry should be through Shipping and Receiving.

Jensen: Should be, Francis? What the hell does that mean?

Pritchard: We have an employee entrance there. Heavily guarded by purists, no doubt --so if you're not a fan of the frontal assault, I suppose you could try accessing the building's roof.

Thug: Yeah. Everything seems under control. No sign of SWAT ... No sign of anyone.

Jensen: Pritchard, I'm in.

The door worked just fine.

Pritchard: I'm happy for you.

The Typhooon is in the Factoring Labs. There's an elevator just past the assembly labs that will take you to it.

Jensen: Got it.

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