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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 6 - Detroit M1

Check out part 6 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and beat Detroit Mission M1 with this online demo.


Jensen: Pritchard, I'm in. The door worked just fine.

Pritchard: I'm happy for you. The typhoon is in the Factoring Labs. There's an elevator just past the assembly labs that will take you to it.

Jensen: Got it.

Man 2: Fucking blueboys! Go ahead! Just try something!

Man 3: Anybody seen D-rag?

Man 4: Stay outta here pig!

Man 5: Probably smoking a cigaweed. Why?

Man 4: He shouldn't be wandering off like that! Zeke wants us all on full alert.

Man 5: What for? The po-pos ain't coming in here. Not while we's holdin' all the cards.

Man 4: No shit. You see Zeke when that Hanzer-lover sneaked us? Never seen no one twitch that fast! He's gonna get us outta this.

Man 5: Not if those po-pos catch us blazing. So split up.

Man 6: [Inaudible 00:02:34] a word from our sponsors. [Inaudible 00:02:36].

Pritchard: Jensen! I just tried to unlock the Assembly Lab door but my override codes aren't working! Someone's changed the protocols.

Jensen: What? Didn't you plug the . . .

Pritchard: I'm on it! But until I find this particular breach and fix it, you'll have to hack the door manually. Pritchard out!

Woman 1: Access granted.

Trevor: Jesus Christ! You killed him, man!

J-row: He asked for it. Kept calling me a bigot.

Trevor: No way. No way. I am not going to prison for this!

J-row: Hate to tell you this, Treve, but once that bomb goes off, this guy won't be the last skinner in here who buys it.

Man 7: Shut up, J-row! Trevor, you gotta calm down. Help me find something to cover him up with.

J-row: I'm telling you, man. These Hanzer lovers deserve what's coming to 'em.

Man 8: Please help! Is someone out there?

Woman 2: Stay out of here!

Woman 3: Get us out of here!

Man 8: I don't want to die!

Woman 3: Do something!

Man 8: Where's the bomb squad?

Woman 3: Get us out of here!

Man 9: What are you doing?

Man 8: Where's the bomb squad?

Woman 3: Do something!

Man 8: I don't want to die!

Woman 3: Get us out of here!

Man 9: Hurry!

Woman 3: Save us!

Woman 1: Access granted.

Man 8: Hurry!

Woman 1: Automated dispersal device deactivated. Countdown terminated. Have a nice day.

Man 8: Is it over?

Woman 3: It's over.

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