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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 7 - Detroit M1

Check out part 7 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and beat Detroit Mission M1 with this online demo.


Woman 1: Automated dispersal device deactivated. Countdown terminated. Have a nice day.

Adam: Pritchard. Get word to Sarif. I found the hostages.

Pritchard: I'm relaying good news, I hope?

Adam: They're safe, and thtey're staying put. SWAT will have to exfil them as soon as I've got the prototype.

Pritchard: I'll tell Sarif, but don't take too long.

Adam: Listen up. I need you all to stay calm, keep your voices down, and wait here for SWAT. The plant's not clear yet.

Man 1 Not clear? But those terrorists, they've got my wife!

Adam: Your wife?

Man 1: She's the manager here. Josie. Josie Thorpe. They said they needed her to open the Administration building. They were looking for evidence of some kind. Please! I haven't seen her since. You have to find her!

Adam: I'll do my best. But right now, I need you all to stay here and wait for the police. Can you do that?

Man 1: Yes of course, but please hurry.

Adam: You said they were looking for evidence. What kind of evidence?

Man 1: I don't know. They're "purists." They think the body is sacred and shouldn't be tampered with. They probably want something that will implicate us in moral wrongdoings.

Adam: Did they know about the Typhoon?

Man 1: It's a top secret contract. How could they? And we only moved it in a few hours ago.

Please. I don't think they expected anyone would be working today. And now that they're backed into a corner... You have to find my wife, please.

Man 2: I thought we were suppose to have complete access.

Come on, there's got to be something useful in here.

Woman 2: Access granted.

Man 3: I don't know about the hacker dude. He seems off or something.

Man 4: Yeah, it feels weird to leave him there alone. Like, what's he looking for?

Man 5: Proof that these fuckers are lying to us, I guess. Just like Zeke said.

Man 4: I hope Zeke knows what he's doing.

Man 5: Me too man. Me too.

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