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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 10 - Detroit M2 and M3

Check out part 10 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and beat Detroit Mission M2 and M3 with this online demo.


Sanders: Don't lie to me! I don't want to hurt you, you're a civilian. But I will if you don't give me a choice.

Hanzer: If you didn't want to hurt anyone, you should've stayed home tonight.

Sanders: Oh look, Serif's attack dog. You here to clean up before the police bust in?

Man 1: He thinks we're breaking the law.

Sanders: Shut up! All you body polluters break laws. You're all the same.

Hanzer: You're going to have a hard time convincing people you're any different, once they hear you had an Aug on your team.

Sanders: What?

Hanzer: I found your attack dog in the Factoring Labs, trying to cut through security with his implanted hack ware.

Sanders: Nice try, cholo, but I would never let one of you freaks on my crew. Back off, Hanzer! I got business to take care of, understand? If what you say is true, and I'm not saying it is, you hear? But I gotta, I gotta check things out. So me and la vieja? We're leaving!

Hanzer: You know I can't let you go with her.

Sanders: Stand down, Hanzer! I told you, stand down or this bitch is dead!

Hanzer: Bullshit. You're bigger than that, you don't kill civilians.

Sanders: Damn right, I'm a decorated vet. And I won't be jerked around. I need to find out who's behind this, and right now the boss lady is my only ticket out of here.

Hanzer: Listen to me, whatever's going on, it's big. You've got a better chance of getting to the bottom of it if you work with me. But I can't do a thing until you let her go.

Sanders: Are you stupid? I don't work with Augs! God, you must think I'm some kind of a moron. And who can blame you? Because it's exactly what I must look like to everyone right now. Trapped in here by the cops, and my only option is to take a hostage. How screwed up is that?

Hanzer: You're doing better than you think. You're still standing, and that's more than the hacker was expecting. You said you're a vet, so I know you've got the balls to handle this. You don't need the civilian to get you out of here.

Sanders: You got a good point there, but still. I know your kind. I saw it a million times in the Gulf. The only thing augmented goons like you care about is gaining the advantage. Just like the cops out there. I'd have to be stupid to do anything you tell me to.

Hanzer: The only thing the cops are focused on right now is the safety of the civilians, same as you. You've risked your life to do what's best for other people. You're not some drive-by banger.

Sanders: I know that. The question is, do they? The cause is blowing up all around me. My brother's at risk, all because of that traitor did to us tonight. I've got to fix it, but I can't when I'm stuck in here with you!

Hanzer: Listen, the hacker's plan was for you to die. He knew there would be civilians here tonight. He thought of everything. He used your brother, because he knew you would trust him. That's how well he knows you. He expected you to take a hostage, just like he knew the cops would kill you for it.

Sanders: You're right. Damn, you know he even asked me once about hostages? I told him I would, if I had to. I thought I had to here. But I can't afford to, can I? Go on, get out of here. You're free to go. I did what you wanted, so let me go. I got played here, too, esse.

Hanzer: I've got as much interest in finding out who's really behind this as you do, cabron.

Sanders: Yeah, well. Maybe I'll owe you one. But I promise you this, someone's going to pay.

Man 2: Maybe he's over there.

David Sarif: Adam! Adam! What's happening? What's your situation? Adam!

Hanzer: Sanders is gone, boss. I'm pretty sure he's just a dupe. Somebody else set this up.

David Sarif: Damn it. Okay, I want you back here now. The Admin building has a rooftop terrace. Meet Faridah on it.

Hanzer: Copy, Jensen out.

Man 3: Way to secure the terrorist leader, Jensen. Now the bastard's free to spread his lies and cause more trouble. On a good note, maybe it'll teach the higher-ups not to interfere. Sending one man in on a job like this? Never turns out good.

Hanzer: All you all right?

Woman 1: I'm fine. I'm fine. Just a little shaken up. But what about the other hostages? My husband was with them, in one of the assembly labs, and I overheard talk about a bomb.

Hanzer: Don't worry, they're safe.

Woman 1: Oh, thank God. When those men surprised us, Mr. Jensen, they should not have been able to get in. With the Typhoon being moved in and all, I double-checked the protocols myself.

Hanzer: Yeah, I expect Pritchard's doing the same thing right now. Stay here, DPD will want to question you. But you and your husband should be reunited soon.

Woman 1: Thank you Mr. Jensen. You're a hero.

Man 4: Come on, Wilson! God damn!

Man 5: Nice job securing the plant. I wouldn't have thought a security guard could handle this.

Man 6: Sorry, Mr. Thorpe, but the target is on lockdown. I can't let anyone in.

Mr. Thorpe: But my wife, she's still in there. My wife, is she all right?

Hanzer: She's fine. A little shaken up, though. SWAT will need to debrief her, but you'll see her soon.

Mr. Thorpe: I don't know what to say, I think I'd given up on her. You're a true hero, man. I'll find some way to repay this, I swear.

Hanzer: There's no need for that. I was just doing my job.

Mr. Thorpe: Don't be modest. I didn't recognize you before, but I know who you are Mr. Jensen. And I know you weren't supposed to be back at work yet. Thank God, you are. I'll be in touch. Count on it.

Malik: You made a lot of people happy tonight, Jensen. And not just the men in suits.

Hanzer: It's what they pay me for.

Malik: No, they pay you to put corporate interests ahead of people. You found a way to satisfy everyone. Guess Dr. Reed was telling the truth about you.

Hanzer: Megan? What are you talking about, Malik?

Malik: Before you were hired, she said the papers were lying about Mexicantown. That you weren't fired from the force. You quit when you realized that "Protect and Serve" had become "Protect and Serve the Corporate Interest." Nice to see she was right. You ready to go?

Hanzer: Yeah, get me out of here, Malik.

Malik: Your wish is my command. Climb in.

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