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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 11 - Detroit M4

Check out this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and beat Detroit Mission M4 with this online demo.


Malik: New orders just in, Jensen. The Boss wants Pritchard to examine the Typhoon ASAP.

Jensen: Copy that. Thanks for the lift.

Malik: No problem. Hey and uh, Jensen...I just wanted to say...The new look suits you. Like, you haven't missed a beat all.

Jensen: Thanks.

Malik:'s it feel, being augmented?

Jensen: Excuse me?

Malik: Don't take it the wrong way, I mean. I've got a few neuro-enhancements myself. Discreet ones. To help me fly better.

But I chose to get them implanted. You didn't. Now that you've ha d a chance to try 'em out, what do ya think?

Jensen: I'm not gonna lie and say they didn't come in handy back there. But, like you said, I didn't choose to get augmented.

Malik: So it'll take some getting used to -- I get it. But don't be surprised if the boss keeps pushing you to get more.

Jensen: Why? What do you mean?

Malik: You know how he is. He thinks augmentations are the be-all, end-all of everything. And he can't understand why someone wouldn't want to become more than human.

Jensen: Megan used to say the same thing.

Malik: I'm not surprised. The research she was doing was pretty damn inspired. Might've convinced a lot more people to give what we make here a try. If...

Jensen: If that bastard hadn't killed her.

Malik: Listen, Jensen. I know you want to find the men who attacked us, and so do I. If I can help in any way, all you gotta do is ask.

Jensen: Actually, there is something I want to know about the first attack.

Malik: Fine. Ask away.

Jensen: You were there that night. What do you remember about it?

Malik: That it was chaos. First, everybody figured there'd been some kind of accident. But Pritchard couldn't get a good visual, and communications were haywire.

Then we heard the explosions. Bu the time anyone knew what had hit us...

Jensen: They were gone.

Malik: Whoever they were, they were good, Jensen. Special training good.

Jensen: Did anyone else see them? The men who attacked?

Faridah: Not well enough to get a description. Pritchard got some fuzzy images off one of the intellicams, but his tapes were all confiscated by Homeland Security.

Jensen: Homeland? I heard Homicide passed it over to Special Investigations. Detroit Special Investigations.

Malik: They did -- for the first month. After that ...All I really know is, the case is still pending. And Mr. Sarif is not pleased.

Jensen: I've been thinking about why they attacked. What they were really after.

Malik: Isn't it obvious? They didn't want us going to Washington.

Jensen: no. That was just timing. Hearings can be be rescheduled. Somebody else can present Megan's findings.

Malik: I don't think so, Jensen. They took out her whole team. Declan Faherty, Vasilli Sevchenko, Nia Covern. Even Eric Koss! The labs their bodies were found in ...

Jensen: Were burned to a crisp. I know.

Malik: The only reason you weren't caught in the fire was because that retaining wall came down. Saved your life, believe it or not.

Jensen: So the whole attack was just to destroy Megan's research.

Malik: Sure looks that way. Mr. Sarif is hoping to reconstruct it, but it may take months. If he can keep us solvent that long.

Jensen: I'm gonna find 'em, Malik. One way or another.

Malik: I believe you. And just so you know, when you do...I've got your back.

Jensen: I...appreciate that, Malik. But right now...

Malik: You've got to get the Typhoon in to the tech lab. Right. See you later then. Oh -- and Jensen? The boss wants a face-to-face debrief in his office once it's secure.

Jensen: Roger that. Goodnight, Malik.

Woman: I don't buy for a second he was with Purity First. I think someone slipped him into Sander's group to manipulate those thugs.

Man: Everybody's saying you did a great job at the plant, Adam. Apparently, there wasn't much bloodshed, thanks to you .

Pritchard: Well if it isn't Mahatma Ghandi himself, come to honor us with his life-preserving presence.

If this is about the Typhoon, I'll get to it in a minute.

Jensen: Now, Pritchard. I didn't risk my neck to have you lose it in a pile of CPUs and SCSI adapters.

Pritchard: Well look at you, using the big words!

Don't think, just because you hacked through the plant's security systems so fast, that you're and expert on 'everything computer.'

There's a reason I can't examine the Typhoon yet.

Jensen: Do tell.

Pritchard: For your information, I am running a diagnostics sweep on our network and router security, to find out how Sander's hacker got a hold of our codes.

Jensen: I'd have thought the first question to ask is 'whose codes were they?" Unless...You already know.

Pritchard: Stick to kicking down doors and shooting people, Jensen, and stop trying to do my job. I guarantee you we'll get along better that way.

Man: What do you think they talk about?

Man 2: David and Hugh Darrow? Hell if I know. What did Bill Gates and Steve Jobs talk about?

Man: I bet he's trying to convince him to come out of hiding and make a statement that will counteract Bill Taggart.

David: I'm telling you, Hugh, he might not have put the gun in Sander's hand, but it was Taggart's speech to the U-N that started all this!

Hugh:William Tagger is nothing if not a shrewd political operator. You know that, David.

David: So for the sake of appearances, I have to look him in the eye and let him bullshit me?

Hugh: With a smile. Always with a smile.

We'll talk later.

Jensen: You wanted to see me?

Hugh: Yeah. How are you feeling?

Jensen: I've had better days.

Hugh: Well when we're done here, check in with Doctor Marcovic, at the LIMB clinic downtown. Can't hurt to get a check-up.

Jensen: if you insist. Listen. About Sanders...

Hugh: Yeah, about Sanders. What the hell were you thinking, letting him slip away like that?! I sent you in there to take care of things!

Jensen: I'm hoping it will pay off for us later. Sanders was furious when he found his hacker was Augmented. He's not gonna rest till he finds out who set him up.

Hugh: Oh. And you're naive enough to think he'll share the information when he gets it. i thought were ready for this, Adam

Jensen: I am. Today's attack was just a shell game being run by somebody else. I intend to find our, who, and why, so that it never happens to anybody again.

Hugh: Good. 'Cause so do I. That hacker, in Sanders' group. You're sure he was augmented?

Jensen: I pulled his cables out myself.

Hugh: Well, the police are saying he's not THey're refusing to let me see the body no matter how much money I threaten to pull from their retirement fund.

Jensen: Well, maybe they didn't like being held off so long at the plant.

Hugh: Is that my head of security speaking? Or the ex-cop?...Listen, Adam I don't want to squabble about this. I need you to get to the bottom of it.

You've still got friends on the force. You think, think one of them will let you into the morgue?

Jensen: Depends who I run into.

Hugh: Get over to the station and find a way inside. Because if that hacker was augmented, his neural hub might tell us who he was. Contact me when you've gotten a hold of it.

Jensen: Boss. What you're asking me to's not exactly legal.

Hugh: No, it isn't...You got a problem with that?

Jensen: As a matter of fact. I do.

Hugh: Look, Adam You know the police never fully investigated that first attack, don't you?

Jensen: Yes, but...

Hugh: But nothing. We lost a lot of good people--top people--and I'm beginning to think Detroit PD doesn't give a damn. Someone is pulling strings to keep us in the dark.

Jensen: And in your world, the ends justify the means.

Hugh: My world is your world, Adam. And if getting that neural hub illegally will show us who's behind these attacks, and maybe even help us to after them, yeah -- you're damn right it does. So get going.

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