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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 12 - Detroit M5 (1 of 3)

Check out part 12 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and beat Detroit Mission M5 with this online demo.


Man 1: Hey Jensen, long time, no see.

Jensen: You're not Wayne Haas, are you?

Man 1: He's the desk sergeant on duty right now.

Woman 1: All the media speculations surrounding that hostage situation...

Haas: Yeah, yeah. Hang on just a sec.

Shit. Jensen?

Jensen: Haas, surprised to see you here.

Haas: Yeah. Well, I guess you're better at looking out for yourself than I am.

Jensen: I don't have time for your self-pity. I need to get into the morgue.

Haas: That's it? Nah, forget it. I don't know what's going on with that body down there, but my orders come from the Brass. No one gets in. First thing you say to me after almost two years is you want something?

Jensen: Should I have given you an order? You've always been very good at following those.

Haas: God damn. Where do you get off being so self-righteous? You think I like this? Look at me, from SWAT team commander to a crummy desk sergeant in a two-bit precinct. I don't need this from you. I get enough of it at home. So either come up with something better than your usual attitude, or you can just forget it because you came to me.

Jensen: Okay, look, you're angry, and you've got a right to be. I'm putting you in a bad position, but I have to get inside that morgue. I won't let it get back to you.

Haas: I'm always in a bad position. This isn't fair. Why are you doing this, putting me between a rock and a hard place again? You want me to sacrifice my job to save your boss' ass? And if I lose my job, my life goes into the toilet. But you don't even care about that, do you?

Jensen: Yes, your job is at risk. Yes, you've taken the blame for what happened in the past, but look, I need your help. And it's important. You've got my word, whatever happens, I'll take care of you.

Haas: Well, that might be a start. Look, I am so tired of having that incident wrapped around my throat. Yeah, I killed a kid. He was augmented. He was a threat. That's what you do! We had civilians to protect. I don't need people always second guessing me on that!

Jensen: We all make mistakes, Wayne. Nobody blames you for it. You have to believe that and forgive yourself, or you'll never put it behind you.

Haas: I'm not ready. There's something I've been waiting two years to tell you. I blame you, Jensen, for everything that happened because when the chips were down, you got the order to fire, you refused, I got stuck having to do it, and you just walked out of my life. That's when everything went to shit, when you abandoned me.

Jensen: It's in the past now, Wayne. We can put it behind us.

Haas: Really? God, that's good to know. It's like... Wow, I can't believe the relief. Tell you what, go on in. The guys won't bother you. And Adam, thanks.

Hey, give me a call in a couple of days, okay?

Woman 2: Access granted.

Access granted.

Man 2: So you're saying your neighbor knows something about these disappearances?

Woman 3: Yeah. One of the boys who went missing lived in my building. He used to argue a lot with my neighbor Casey.

Man 2: What did they argue about?

Man 3: Officer Haas to the Sergeant's office. Haas to the Sergeant's office.

Woman 3: This is Eliza Gasat reporting to you live from...

Man 4: We're going to stay here until I get some answers, kid. We're talking about some serious fucking crimes!

Man 5: Crimes? What are you talking about, man? My brother's missing, and you want to charge him? Typical.

Man 4: All right, let's try this again from the top. When was the last time you saw Lucky?

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