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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 16 - Detroit M7 (2 of 2) and M8

Check out this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through Detroit M7 and M8 with this online demo.


Man 1: Yo man, I thought we had cable. How comes I ain't gettin' nothing but Picus News?

Man 2: That's all we do get, ever since that Purity dude went up on the roof and hacked the antenna.

Man 1: Sander's friend? You let him up near the helipad?

Man 2: He said he'd get us porn.

Man 1: And you believed him? Fucking idiot.

Eliza: Now, that being said, I do hope the UN takes a concentrated look at what happened here tonight.

Man 3: Now, I'm telling you something big is going on in Highland Park. Now, Stewie didn't say much, but when he got close to the warehouse, there were already people in there.

Man 4: Was it the Bangers? I heard they've been expanding out there.

Man 3: No. From what he described it, it was too slick even for them. High-tech setup. Serious firepower.

Man 4: How serious?

Man 3: Sounds like military-grade stuff to me. And you know Stewie, he don't exaggerate.

Woman: Access granted.

Jensen: Boss, is that back door still open?

Sarif: No. Good job. Frank just sent me the all clear. Now it's time to find the bastards who attacked us. Faridah, are you standing by?

Malik: On the line, Boss. Jensen, you reading me?

Jensen: Loud and clear.

Malik: Stay close to the antenna, Pritchard sent me the coordinates for it. I'm coming to pick you up. Mr. Jensen, your limo has arrived. You ready to leave?

Jensen: Yeah, let's go.

Malik: Great. Detroit Local, this is Sarif Industries Bravo-Echo-Echo, 0-0-8, continuing on.

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