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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 20 - Detroit M10 (4 of 5)

Check out part 20 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through Detroit M10 with this online demo.


Computer: Access granted.

Man 1: Man, they left us with one helluva mess. Those vents must be rat infested by now.

Man 2: Hey, who the hell are you?

Adam: Cool it, guys. Orders are to pull out, but I can't leave without my stuff.

Man 2: Yeah, right. Getting into the barracks requires a security code. Tell me what it is, and maybe I'll let you through.

Man 1: Yeah, what's the passcode, pal?

Adam: Look, I just got back from a deep cover assignment. I don't have the new codes.

Man 1: Oh, are you that guy who was in on the Sarif deal tonight? At their manufacturing plant?

Adam: Yeah, that's me. And it's been a long night, so how about you give me the code so I can get my stuff and get outta here?

Man 1: All right, buddy. Sure. The code's seven, nine, eight, four. Proceed on by.

Man 2: Hold on a second. I heard the mole was supposed to be infiltrating one of those Purity First cells. How the hell did you slip those arms by them?

Adam: You're asking me to reveal top secret info to a couple of stooges in ties? Who the hell do you think you are?

Man 2: Okay, pal, calm down. Just forget I asked.

Man 1: Yeah, forget he asked. Just make sure you clean it up this time. There's a funny smell coming out of a vent back there and I know for sure it wasn't here the last time you guys left.

Man 2: I thought you were in a rush to pull out, soldier. Get your things and leave, so we can have our facility back. The ADEX list isn't a joke, you know.

Frank: Jensen! That frequency we tracked just got a burst of activity. I think these guys might be pulling out.

Adam: Yeah, I've kinda been getting that feeling. Any idea who's running the show?

Frank: They're using some kind of code. But from what I can gather, the guy giving the orders is still a level below you.

Adam: Nice job, Pritchard. I'll find him.

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