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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 26 - Detroit M11 (1 of 6)

Check out part 26 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through mission Hengsha M1 with this online demo.


Woman: Oh no. Don't tell me I left my purse in there with Mei.

Mei: I told you, I am not getting augment--

Edgar Lee: Mei, you have a customer. Get to work. My apologies sir. I was, not aware Mei had a client waiting.

Mei: You're not a customer, are you?

Jensen: What makes you say that?

Mei: The way you move. Your attitude.

Jensen: And what's my attitude?

Mei: Police, or soldier. Someone on business. So, why are you here?

Jensen: I heard your argument. What was that all about?

Mei: They want me to get augmentations, for the customers' pleasure. It's sick. I quit before I ever let them touch me.

Jensen: I'll think about it.

Mei: Think about it means no. Please. Think again. If not for Ning, then for the girls who will follow her fate.

Woman 2: Access granted.

Jensen: You, hello.

Man 2: Stop right there.

Malik: Jensen, you lost or something? Didn't think it would take this long to check out one apartment.

Jensen: I took a detour. Tell me something, Malik. You think a smart card with a Tai Young Medical logo on it will come in handy in this town?

Malik: T-Y-M? The global leader in augmentation technology? They put up almost half the cash to build this city so, maybe. Why are you asking?

Jensen: No reason. Just thinking ahead.

[foreign language 00:04:41]

Man 1: The augmented girls here are popular, but once in awhile I like to try a natural. Some guys say they can't tell the difference, but I can.

[foreign language 00:05:44]

Woman 1: Good evening, sir. The manager is busy, but perhaps I could be of--

[foreign language 00:07:04]

Woman 2: Access granted.

[foreign language 00:09:11]

Man 2: Can't you give me a little discount this time?

Woman 3: Sorry, but for the service you want, you damn well better believe I'm getting my full amount of credits.

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