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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 30 - Detroit M11 (5 of 6)

Check out part 30 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through mission Hengsha M1 with this online demo.


Tong: You see this? Pendas screw it up in the fourth. I'm just flushing my money down the pot.

Adam: You're Tong?

Tong: Hey, you only work that out now? Guess you're not as sharp as you think. How about you tell me who you work for, then I decide what I tell you about van Bruggen?

Adam: Does the name "Sarif Industries" ring any bells?

Tong: Sarif Industries? Isn't that that American company, stole all the headlines while back? You still in business?

Adam: Why wouldn't we be?

Tong: Check the news. Biotech corporations seem to be failing a lot these days. Especially the ones who are making enhancements. Van Bruggen's in the Alice Garden pods. Capsule 301. Place is a rat hole, but it's useful sometimes. Make sure you leave him in the same shape you find him.

Adam: And if I don't?

Tong: Your call. But those implants of your might look even more special on somebody else. That's all you get from me, Iaowai. Capsule 301. Alice Garden Pods. That's where your hacker is.

Adam: Malik, you were right. Tong is helping can Bruggen. He's stashed him in the Alice Garden Pods.

Faridah: Thought as much. A hacker who knows his way around corporate firewalls would make a valuable asset for the Triads. I'm at the Pods myself, Jensen. Want me to run interference?

Adam: No. Don't put yourself at risk. I'm heading there now.

Bouncer: Hey. Leaving already, tough guy? Because you might want to go over to the bar and order yourself a drink before you do. Maybe Bobby will have something for you.

Adam: Bobby?

Bouncer: The bartender. The real bartender, that is.

Adam: Oh, right. My mistake. Kind of hard to tell one lackey from another in here. You boys all look alike to me.

Bouncer: Watch it, guailo. You wouldn't want to die before you get a chance to polish the rust off those high-tech augs of yours. Nice. Those custom jobs?

Bobby: What can I get you?

Adam: Looks like Ton's running a nice operation here.

Bobby: You for hire? Because a suspicious man might not appreciate you asking.

Adam: A suspicious man might also wonder what kind of job gets you handed off to strangers, but all right. I'll bite. What are you offering?

Bobby: I got a problem I need solving. Trouble is, non of my usual guys are available, and this problem, it involves a woman. Someone who owes Tong's operation here some money. Getting it out of her is proving to be difficult. It's a dirty job, but it pays well. You interested?

Adam: Sorry, not my kind of thing.

Bobby: All right, gwailo. But something tells me you'll be back.

Man: Are you walking the streets of Lower City alone, my friend? Even those military-class augments wont save you if you're not careful.

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