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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 31 - Detroit M11 (6 of 6)

Check out part 31 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through mission Hengsha M1 with this online demo.


Woman: Access granted. Access granted. Access granted.

Man: [foreign]

Man: [foreign]

Woman: [foreign]

Man: [foreign]

Malik: Jensen, I was on my way out.

Jensen: What are you doing here, Malik? I told you, I got this one.

Malik: I know, I didn't do anything. Trust me, Van Bruggen's all yours.

Jensen: Hang on a second. Something's wrong. What is it? Why are you here?

Malik: It's nothing. I mean, can't a girl have secrets?

Jensen: Of course. But I can tell something's bothering you. And I'm concerned. What's going on?

Malik: I just had to look into something. For a friend. She deserved better.

Jensen: Malik, I'm sorry, but there's no time for this. Like you said, Van Bruggen's the priority right now.

Malik: I understand. But Jensen, please. If you change your mind. My contact, he works at the LIMB Clinic here in Lower Hengsha. He'll be inside, around the lobby.

Jensen: Malik.

Malik: Just listen! Tell him death and life have their determined appointments. He'll know the rest. Okay? That's all I'm asking.

Jensen: I'm sorry.

Malik: I have to go. I left a copy of the police report along with details concerning the LIMB contact and Evelyn here in Pod Zero-Zero-Nine. Please read them over, at least. It might change your mind.

Woman: Here's what the man had to say.

Man: Of logic, which is consumed. Our best chance at doing this is to modify ocean temperatures, through a combination of [inaudible], and geothermal.

Woman: More risk and uncertainty. When will we be able to see the truth for ourselves.

Man: As soon as the installation is complete.

Van Bruggen: Forget it, man. You're not my type.

Jensen: This isn't a booty call, Van Bruggen. This is about you and some friends of yours I met in Detroit.

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