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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 42 - Picus Communications (2 of 3)

Check out part 42 this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through Picus Communications with this online demo.


Woman: Access granted.

Jensen: Looks like everyone left in a hurry, Pritchard. The place is deserted.

Pritchard: Because somebody triggered a fire alarm, and then silenced it. I suggest you find Miss Cassan quickly and get out of there.

Cassan: Hello, Adam.

Jensen: Zhao tell you I was coming, Miss Cassan?

Cassan: Please, call me Eliza. Zhao Yun Ru did not tell me. She does not know you have discovered this connection.

Jensen: So how did you find out?

Cassan: I have been watching you for some time. Ever since receiving orders to temporarily disrupt satellites over the Detroit metropolitan area six months ago.

Jensen: The night Megan's team was taken. You jammed their GPLs, so everyone would think they were dead!

Cassan: Yes. Although I only came to that conclusion later. I find my realization disturbing. I wish we could discuss this further, but it seems I have alerted them to your presence. If you leave now, you may be able to escape.

Jensen: Oh, I'm leaving. But you're coming with me.

Cassan: I am sorry, Adam. I truly am.

Pritchard: Jensen, get out of there! Now!

Jensen: Tell me you saw that, Pritchard.

Pritchard: Later! Right now I'm detecting multiple radio signals converging on your location. It's a trap!

Jensen: We knew that. And I'm not leaving without Eliza Cassan. So find her while I look for a way to get downstairs.

Man: Four-oh-four is clear, but he couldn't have gotten far.

Man: Don't be too sure. This guy is good.

Man: Well, if he's in here somewhere he must be scared. I'm sure he didn't expect to see this much firepower.

Man: Yeah, just let me catch that little snake. He'll quickly realize he's playing with the big boys now.

Man: Or the big girls, if she gets ahold of him.

Man: You, get on the upper catwalk and take a sniper position. He's probably crawling around here somewhere. Let's get you some better sight lines.

Man: Yes, Sir.

Man: You, I want you to secure that exit over there.

Man: Right away, Sir.

Man: I'll find you, you little shit!

Man: How's it on your side?

Man: Looking pretty good.

Jensen: Pritchard, have you found Eliza Cassan yet?

Pritchard: Possibly. Back in room 404, I detected a holo-processing cloud more sophisticated than anything I've ever seen. It was sent from an area of the complex that wasn't showing up on the 3D layout.

Jensen: You found a secret lair?

Pritchard: A sub-basement level that somebody's spent an awful lot of time trying to conceal. It's connected to the tower by a funicular. Look for a staircase in back of the TV News Room and you'll reach it.

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