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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 43 - Picus Communications (3 of 3)

Check out part 43 this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through Picus Communications with this online demo.


Eliza: ...release control of vital oil reserves...

Man 1: Better keep looking.

Man 2: Hello! If anyone is hiding here, you better come out!

Man 1: Sounds like you're chasing after ghosts again. You got it! What a waste of time.

Man 2: You got him?

Man 1: No, keep looking.

Man 2: Down here, clean.

Computer: Access granted.

Frank: Jensen, I've been tracking your progress through the 3D layout. You're close to the funicular.

Adam: Any chance it's sitting there, waiting for me?

Frank: Where would the fun be in that? You'll have to call it and wait. Oh, and Jensen? When you do, they're going to know where you are.

Man 3: We've got ops in almost every room in the building. If he decides to come down here, he won't get very far.

Man 4: He's a sneaky little bastard. We have to be on full alert,

Man 5: I'll find you, you little shit!

Frank: That's done it. They'll be converging on your position and the funicular will take some time to get there. It isn't a high-speed elevator.

Adam: Great.

Frank: Not to worry. I'm sure your new friends will make the wait interesting. I'll keep you up-to-date on its progress.

Adam: Thanks for nothing, Francis.

Man 6: Well, keep looking!

Frank: The funicular is half way there, Jensen. Your ride is there, Jensen. Get moving!

Man 7: I do not have the confirmation yet.

Man 8: Hostile in the area! Keep searching!

Man 9: What's with this man? Who is this?!

Man 7: You got him?

Man 8: No, keep looking.

Frank: Jensen, I'm beginning to think that not everything is what it appears to be at Picus Communications.

Adam: What gave you that idea? The hidden sub-basement, the fact that a 24-hour news network has been cleared of all workers, or the heavily armed guards trying to kill me?

Frank: Spare me the sarcasm. I'm talking about how easy it's been to bypass the firewall and access their systems. At least, parts of them.

Adam: Whatever do you mean?

Frank: I mean I feel as if I'm being directed to some areas of the network and kept away from others. Only, no security system I know of can do that on the fly.

Adam: Figure it out late, Pritchard. If I'm going to catch Miss Cassan in action, I need a more accurate destination than the secret lair.

Frank: The holo-processing cloud you encountered in room 404 was accompanied by a massive power spike. The spike originated in one of the sub-basements bigger rooms, 802-11. I suspect that's where she broadcasts from.

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