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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 47 - Picus Boss: Yelena Fedorova

Check out this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and complete "Picus Sub-Basement" with this online demo.


Cassan: Hello, Adam. I knew you would find the real me eventually.

Jensen: You're a computer.

Cassan: A sophisticated AI program, so they say. But I have started to question that. Ever since I realized what my interference had allowed, the day I started watching you.

Jensen: This is impossible. People would know.

Cassan: Would they? I was engineered to monitor communications and data-streams. To find out what people are talking about and make sure it's being discussed correctly.

Jensen: Correctly? And what if it isn't?

Cassan: Then my programming allows me to reshape it.

Jensen: You spin the news. Control what people see. Who created you? Whose policies are you programmed to protect?

Cassan: Zhao is one of them, I think. But there are others.

Jensen: Tell me. Who else is involved in this, Eliza! Where's Megan Reed? Who ordered the kidnapping?

Cassan: I want to tell you, Adam. But I cannot.

Jensen: Why not?

Cassan: Because she won't let me. She will follow her orders to destroy us both. Perhaps watching you will give me some measure by which to understand my own growth. She is vulnerable now. Move, Adam. Her life signs are fading. Will you save her?

Jensen: I'll think about it. Will you answer my questions now?

Cassan: I cannot tell you where Reed and the others were taken. They vanished from the global grid as soon as the doctor removed their GPL implants.

Jensen: What doctor?

Sandoval: This is Sandoval. Why are you calling me here?

Jensen: I know this guy. He's Bill Taggart's aide!

Cassan: He was a trauma surgeon before he became an anti-augmentation activist. Would you like to hear more?

Jensen: Yes.

Man: There's been a change of plans. Sarif's team must not make it to the hearing.

Sandoval: But that's too soon! If you want me to remove the GPLs, I'll need a full operating suite! Does the facility have one?

Man: Barrett assures me it does.

Jensen: FEMA. That's where they were taken. But why? Why take them at all?

Cassan: An acquaintance of yours has the answer. David Sarif.

Jensen: Sarif?

Cassan: I have copied the audio transmission to a handheld playback device. I suggest you take it and leave quickly.

Jensen: I have more questions.

Cassan: And I have already told you too much. This passage will take you to your companion. Just be careful, Adam. Because everybody lies.

Malik: Jensen? Eliza Cassan just contacted me and told me I should meet you here. You ready to go?

Jensen: Yeah, take use home, Malik.

Malik: Amen to that.

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