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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 48 - Meet Sarif

Check out this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and complete "Meet with Sarif" with this online demo.


Malik: Jensen, we've got a problem. I can't land at HQ, a riot's broken out. The boss says to drop you at your apartment.

Jensen: I could use a shower.

Malik: You'll have to make it quick. He's on his way to meet you.

Man: Mr. Jensen, we've been expecting you. Mr. Sarif--

Man 2: Everything's quiet here, Mr. Jensen--

Man 3: Mr. Jensen, sure is good to see you.

Man 4: Hey, Mr. Jensen, what a night, huh? I made--

Man 5: No problems, Mr. Jensen, we've got everything under control.

Woman: Welcome home, Mr. Jensen. You have new messages.

Jensen: Apparently, that's not all I have. Make yourself at home, boss.

Sarif: It's a fucking mess out there, Adam. You've seen the news? Picus is telling everyone we're breeding super soldiers. Taggart's at the convention center right now, urging the UN to investigate.

Jensen: Is it true?

Sarif: Of course not!

Jensen: Except for the Typhoon, right? And a few of those defense contracts?

Sarif: What?

Jensen: Oh, and let's not forget the fact that Megan's team was kidnapped right before her research went public. How do you explain that one, boss?

Sarif: I wanted people to see that research! Megan was on the brink of something historic, something that would have catapulted this company to the top of the Furtune 500! Her kidnappers knew it! They knew exactly where her research would take us, and they refused to let anyone else have that much power.

Jensen: Anyone else? Eliza was right. You do know more than you've told me.

Sarif: I suspected, but these people? They're like ghosts. Always in the shadows. Always hiding behind lies and proxies.

Jensen: Who are they?

Sarif: A name won't mean much, they'll use whatever one suits their interests. Sometimes it's the Masons, sometimes the Bilderberg Group. They've had a finger in every corporation, organization, or government initiative that's defined modern society.

Jensen: You're talking about, the Illuminate?

Sarif: It's no joke. They're organized and they operate over and above society.

Jensen: You're serious? So, why would the Illuminate kidnap Megan's team?

Sarif: I already told you. Megan found a way to make augmentations safer, for all of us. So we can all become like you.

Jensen: Like me?

Sarif: Like, you are, more than human. We've got to get them back, Adam.

Jensen: You said Taggart is speaking at the convention center right now?

Sarif: Bitch even sent me an invite.

Jensen: His aide, Sandoval, is neck-deep in this.

Sarif: I don't know where Sandoval is, but Taggart will. Adam. You've got to handle this delicately. We don't know Taggart is involved, and we can't afford another punch in the face. I'm trusting you with this one.

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