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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 53 - M2 - Finding Isaias Sandoval

Check out this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and complete the mission M2 - Finding Isaias Sandoval with this online demo.


Man 1: What'd I do?

Man 2: You sure you closed the door?

Man 3: Yeah. Yeah, of course I did. What do you think I am, an idiot?

Man 2: You're not going to make me answer that, are you?

Man 4: Show yourself! You over there? Keep hiding Panzer. Panzer's gone. Got no honor, man. Keep hiding Panzer. Panzer's gone. Got no honor, man. Panzer's gone. Got no honor, man.

Jensen: Pritchard, looks like Sandoval's got a secret bunker. I'm gonna flush him out.

Pritchard: Let's hope he's still there.

Man 5: What the hell is going on here?

Man 6: I think they're afraid someone's gonna try to sneak a bomb into the Doc's locker.

Man 5: I'd be more worried about what's in the Doc's head than what's in his locker.

Man 7: And this is why I urge every member of my stall, every man and woman dedicated to the true mission of The Humanity Front, to do the same. Isaias, if you're watching this, I beg you. Do not allow misplaced anger to destroy everything we have struggled to achieve.

Sandoval: It's over. He knows I can't come back from that.

Jensen: Everybody knows, Sandoval. You can't hide from what you've done.

Sandoval: What I've done, Mr. Jensen? I spent years patching people back together from augmentation botch jobs and system organ rejection brought on my implants. And now, because of Bill's betrayal, I'll never practice medicine again!

Jensen: You really want to help someone? Tell me where Sarif's scientists are.

Sandoval: I wish I could, Mr. Jensen. But my involvement ended right after I failed to remove their GPLs.

Jensen: You failed?

Sandoval: Turns out, my surgical skills weren't good enough to bypass David Sarif's insurance policy. So for all I know, those little implants are broadcasting right now, on a frequency so low, your network specialist wouldn't think to look for it.

Jensen: You changed the frequencies?

Sandoval: You have your answers, Mr. Jensen, and I've lost all of mine. The courts may think I have much to atone for, but my court will be a higher one.

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