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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 54 - M2 - Confront Isaias Sandoval

Check out this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and complete the mission M2 - Confront Isaias Sandoval with this online demo.


Jensen: How about I take that gun with me when I go?

Sandoval: You got everything you came for. Please, just leave.

Jensen: Believe it or not, I'd rather you didn't kill yourself.

Sandoval: That's because you have no ideas what tortures I've endured. The guilt, the shame. I was told the scientists would be used to find a peaceful solution to the augmentation crisis. Instead I was involved in kidnapping and murder! My life ended that night. It's time for me to go.

Jensen: Think about it. Are you really in such a hurry to face that higher court of yours?

Sandoval: At least there are no lies before God! Did you see that abominable press conference? William Taggart all but accused me of terrorism. He claimed that all the violence committed in the name of our cause was the result of my influence.

Jensen: So stay alive long enough to tell him your side of the story.

Sandoval: He already knows it isn't true! I trusted that man. For years I gave him loyal service and he betrayed me! He sacrificed my freedom and good name to save the reputation of his organization. It's no use fighting him, he'll just spin it again. At least if I die, he'll never be able to use me again!

Jensen: So that's your plan? Just lay down and die so you can't be used again? That's bullshit. You need to face what's coming. There's a very thin line between martyr and victim, Sandoval, and if you pull the trigger, you won't be remembered as either.

Sandoval: You certainly like taking chances Mr. Jensen, but your point has merit. Maybe I did give up too easily. I made it my life's work to try and help people. But Humanity Front was losing people to the so-called enhancement industry every day. Those scientists were my last chance to stop the insanity and I failed. If anything, my actions helped the pro-augmentation camp!

Jensen: I hear what you're saying. You care too much. I know what that's like, too well, because I've been there. You want to fix everything right away. You want it so much you start trying too hard. Trust me, if you deal with the smaller, easier stuff first, the big things don't look so big.

Sandoval: On the other hand, if you break an infinite problem into smaller pieces, you still have an infinite number of pieces to contend with.

Some doctor. Some Catholic I turned out to be. Planning and participating in a kidnapping that resulted in the deaths of innocent bystanders. I am a mass murderer!

My wife, I don't deserve her. Losing her is a just punishment, except I'm not man enough to face it.

Jensen: You think you're a failure, but you're not. You're just a man who doesn't understand his own potential yet. You can still channel your regrets into something positive. Be an example. Teach people why violence isn't the answer. You've suffered way too much to let all that experience go to waste.

Sandoval: I don't understand - we're enemies, but you want me to live. I deserve to die. In fact, I welcome it. But you won't let me go that easily. You've assigned me a task I cannot refuse. Take the gun. You win.

Jensen: Pritchard, get this - the G-P-Ls are still transmitting! Sandoval switched them to a lower frequency.

Pritchard: But they could be broadcasting anywhere in the world. I don't have the type of equipment we'll need to find them.

Jensen: It's our only lead, Pritchard. You have to do something.

Pritchard: I know. Listen, the riot's still blocking the street entrance. Head back to your apartment and Malik will fly you over. Maybe by the time you get there I'll have figured out something.

Sandoval: You don't need to babysit me, Mr. Jensen. I have no intention of killing myself anymore. Nor will I resist arrest when the police arrive. I assume your people have already contacted them?

Jensen: If they haven't yet they will be soon.

Sandoval: Then go. Use the information I gave you to track down your scientists. With any luck, they will still be alive.

Jensen: The men who kidnapped hem, the soldiers?

Sandoval: I don't know who they were. Only last names. Barrett and Namir. I sensed they were highly-trained professionals.

Jensen: Working for who?

Sandoval: I didn't ask. My brother Ezekial put them in touch with me.

Jensen: Your brother? Not Taggart?

Sandoval: Bill wouldn't be so stupid as to get his own hands dirty. I see that now. He's like teflon - nothing ever sticks.

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