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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 56 - Find Sevchenko's GPL (1 of 2)

Check out part 56 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and find Vasili Sevchenko's G.P.L. device with this online demo.


Malik: Bad news, Spy Boy.

Jensen: Spy Boy?

Malik: Hengsha traffic control just revoked our clearance. We're being rerouted to another part of the city.

Jensen: I don't like that. I suppose you can't just ignore them.

Malik: Yeah, right. Chinese government. I've got to comply. Bravo-Echo-Echo-Zero-Zero-Eight, proceeding to designated coordinates. What the hell? We've got a SAM locked on our tail! Jensen! All systems are down! Hang on! We're going in hard! Jump, Jensen!

Jensen: Malik, we've got company.

Malik: I know, but the bird took some damage. Going to need to patch it up before I can go.

Jensen: I'll stay and cover you.

Malik: Negative! You need to get away from here and find Dr. Sevchenko. I'll be fine.

Jensen: You'll be a sitting duck.

Malik: Maybe, maybe not. But this is your best chance to slip by them unnoticed and you know it! So get out of here, Jensen!

Man: Taking him down!

Malik: Hey, Jensen.

Jensen: Malik? Malik, you hurt?

Malik: Just a scratch, Spy Boy. But I think you're on your own now.

Jensen: Faridah.

Malik: Give them hell for me.

Pritchard: Jensen, I've been monitoring comm activity around Hangsha. Belltower's looking for you, hard.

Jensen: Bastards ambushed us, Pritchard! Malik didn't make it.

Pritchard: Oh, God. I know you might want to get even. But if they see you, if they recognize you, it might be better to stay out of their way.

Man: Please, sir. Do you know what is happening?

Pritchard: Jensen? Jensen, the World Health Organization is advising all augmented patients to check in with LIMB. There's a problem with biochip technology.

Jensen: The glitches I've been experiencing?

Pritchard: We've all had them. So far, I can't determine why.

Jensen: You heading to a clinic?

Pritchard: I'm running a few more tests. But since I can't exactly run them on you, and we don't know when you'll be back, you might not want to wait. Up to you.

Man: This has nothing to do with you. Keep moving.

Man: Hey, hey. I know you. You're the one Belltower's looking for. I seen your picture.

Jensen: You got the wrong guy.

Man: What's it worth to you for me to think so? Be a simple thing for me to yell out. Maybe a few credits keep my mouth shut, huh?

Jensen: How about I find some other way to keep it shut. Permanently.

Man: That won't be necessary. I see now that you are much taller than the man they are looking for.

Jensen: I thought you might see things that way. Now move it.

Man: Okay, okay. Leave me alone. I won't say a word to Belltower. I never saw you.

Man: Back away, sir. This is none of your business.

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